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    Hi all,
    I want to take a road trip to Canada in two weeks time for a few days I will be driving a rental car what do I need to know about the road , tolls , stops , permits everything will help

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    Also please advice on the best road map to use a friend suggested waze another suggested google maps . This is my first road trip pls help

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    Welcome to RTA!

    So to give you better advice, where are you starting from in NY? New York City? How long do you have for the entire trip? I hope you have a passport, as to get into Canada and out of it, you'll be asked to present one.

    As far as maps are concerned, electronic maps are all well and good, but you are really better off with an old-fashioned paper map. To do any decent planning, I have to have a paper map! I have the GPS mapping system on my smart-phone, of course, which helps me find our hotels, a restaurant, or similar. But navigating highways, I prefer a paper map. I plan our trips using both Rand McNally's North American atlas, and paper maps that I get from AAA.

    Until we know approximately where you're leaving from, we can't be of much help on toll roads information (or the avoidance thereof). We're not trying to be super nosy, just trying to be better help to you!


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    You won't need a passport if you have an "enhanced driver's license". You will need permission from the rental agency to take the car into Canada.

    You can drive from NYC to Toronto in 1 day if you don't care about sightseeing and will take the fastest route. This is I-80 to I-380 to I-81 to I-690 to I-90 to I-290 to I-190 to the QEW.

    Delaware Water Gap - $1 westbound only
    I-90 - $6.15
    I-190 - $1, cashless, requires EZ-Pass or license plate tolling, rental company will undoubtedly hit you with a service charge

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    Thank very much happy to read from you yes I do have a passport and I will be leaving from elmont 11003 . Happy to get as much help as I can . Planning to leave in approximately 10 day for a 3 day trip can’t wait

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    You are the best . Noted .

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    This is going to be a 3 day trip?

    That's really not much time. As previously noted, it's a full day to get there, and a full day to get back.

    Is there something you're really looking to do in Toronto, or do you just want to say you've been to Canada? If it's the second, you might look at Montreal, which is a fair bit closer and would give you more time to enjoy yourself.

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    Yes 3 days . Didn’t get much time off work. I am attending a wedding. Will need to know the best spots to stop eat rest etc

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    From Elmont, take the best way you know to the GWB to pick up I-80.

    Places to stop? Can't be specific, but you will be on Interstate highways almost all the way, which will have rest areas periodically. They will have bathrooms and some have vending machines (candy, soda, chips, etc.). There will be full travelers' services at many exits. There will be signs prior to each exit showing what food, fuel, and lodging is available at the next exit. The NY Thruway (I-90) will have service plazas right along the road with fuel and a restaurant or fast food court.

    Bottom line? When you feel like you need to stop, you won't be far from someplace suitable. Fill your fuel tank before entering Canada to avoid the considerably higher prices.

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    Default Logistics vs. Taste

    Now that we know the purpose and time constraints of your trip, we can be more help, but I would note that while we can point out where, geographically, it would make the most sense to take a break for lunch and/or dinner, it is really up to you to then do a little research on what specifice restaurants are available in that area. As for other stops, it doesn't seem that you'll have much time to take side trips to parks or landmarks, but one or two stops just to get out of the car for a short walk, fresh air, and most importantly to take your eyes and mind off the road for a while would be in order. So.....

    I fully agree with Donna that a paper map or atlas will be of more use to you than any software-based mapping program. Maps give you a better synoptic view of your trip and thus let you plan ahead a good bit more reliably. I also agree with her specific recommendations although you might want to see what's available in your local map store (if you have one) as far as specific maps of New York State and the Province of Ontario go.

    As for route, because you're leaving from north of New York City, I think taking I-87/I-287/NY-17 up through Harriman and Monticello to Binghamton would serve you better than the I-80/I-380/I-81 route previously suggested, but then continue on I-81/I-90/I-290/QEW as glc proposed. NY-17 is near-interstate quality. The Tappan Zee Bridge (now officially named the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge) costs $5.00 ('cash') or $4.75 (E-ZPass) each way. This is a 'cashless' toll bridge, however, and the toll charge will be billed to the rental car company who will in all likelihood tack on a service charge, so check with them.

    I'd plan on a major 'lunch' break in or near Binghamton, Cortland or Syracuse depending on what time you plan on leaving and when your normal lunch time is. I'd also plan on taking a short morning break in a small town (e.g. Liberty, NY) or park to break up the first half of your drive, and an afternoon break in or near Batavia to break up the second half. This is where a paper map will really help in your planning. If you plan on also eating dinner on the road, I'd probably leave a final decision on where to take that break until I got closer to Buffalo/Niagara Falls and get off the road when/if I started running into heavy rush hour traffic.

    So, as you can see, there is a lot of thought that goes into planning a good RoadTrip, but the more you have worked out beforehand, the easier and more relaxed the actual drive will be. But you also need to remain at least a bit flexible and adjust to road, traffic and weather conditions as you encounter them.


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