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  1. Default Looking for someone to share the gas from Salt Lake to Chicago, leaving October 15

    I am traveling to Chicago and hope to drive nearly straight through, though i am somewhat flexible. I do have a beagle with me and am driving a Suzuki SX4. Looking for someone to share the gas and if we stop, lodging. Preferably female.



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    You might have better luck if you specified where you are starting from...... (Florida? Maine? Seattle? LA? Texas?)

    You should also know that driving straight thru for more than about 10 hrs is discouraged on this site as it adds risk to the trip.

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    Default Reconsideration Needed

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Let me be perfectly blunt. Salt Lake City to Chicago is 1,400 miles. That's nearly three full days of driving if you just stick to I-80 and stop only for food, fuel and bathroom breaks for you and your dog. Trying to do this drive "nearly straight through" gives you worse odds of survival than Russian Roulette. Even if you make one overnight stop, you will still be exceeding the legal limits placed on professional long-haul drivers with many years experience. You need to stop at least twice on this journey, get a full eight hours of sleep during each of those stops, and also take occasional short breaks from behind the wheel each day to make this journey safely. If you find a suitable companion to help with the cost and the driving, you still need to budget three days for this trip. Remember, the driving time estimates you get from computer-based mapping routines are pure fantasy. Don't lose your life to a pipe dream.


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    Default My experience.

    Suzi, be wary of sharing a car and accommodation for three days with a total stranger It is perfectly safe for a sensible female to travel alone, especially with a dog. There are more solo females on the road every day, than solo male travellers.

    I once offered a ride to a lady who needed to go to a wedding, and it would not be out of my way. As we discussed the trip, she insisted on me driving straight through a distance which was a good two day's drive. I would not be moved and was not prepared to compromise my safety - to which she eventually agreed.

    Then she came up with a thing she wanted to mention to me, as it may cause problems at the border.. This was from Canada to the US} but she was sure she'd be OK.

    At that point I dropped the topic and told her to find another way to get to the wedding. She was too evasive for my liking. Maybe she had a record of drug use or things like that. And remember if you are stopped for any reason at all, the contents of your car are your responsibility, no matter to whom it belongs.

    Are you prepared to inspect your travelling companion's luggage before you set off each day? The risks are great, and I chose to forget about it. You may find that paying for your accommodation and gas yourself cheaper and less worrysome.

    Have a great trip.


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