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    We will be traveling in a class C Diesel puller RV towing a jeep. We would like suggestions for sightseeing etc.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sorry, but your question is just too broad to be able to even start offering suggestions. Where in North America are you and where are you thinking of going? How much time do you have? Who is "we" (2 adults, a family, a group, etc), what are your interests.

    This forum is filled with people who would love to help you plan your perfect trip, but we can only work with what you give us, and your one sentence really isn't enough to get started.

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    Default Suggestions for what?

    As Michael, mentioned we need much more information before we can be of much help.

    But my question is, are you looking for suggestions on what to do with the rig, when you want to stop to do some sightseeing? Or are you looking for attractions along a route to places you want to visit?


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