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  1. Default From Phoenix, AZ to Kansas City, Mo. in December

    Best route from Phoenix, AZ to Kansas City, Mo. We are planning on visiting our son in Kansas City Mo. for Christmas, any advice on weather and driving directions. We are in our mid 60's traveling with two small dogs.

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    "Best" is always a subjective thing, but the easiest, most straightforward, route would be to take I-17 to Flagstaff, I-40 to OKC, and I-35 to KC.

    There are a few shortcuts on 2 lane roads you could take, such as US-54 from NM to Wichita, but since they are slower going, they wouldn't save you much time and you'd have to use extra caution since this is a winter trip and such roads aren't likely to be plowed or salted as quickly if there is bad weather.

    The route I'm suggesting is about 1350 miles, so that's a good 2.5 day drive in good weather. It's impossible to say what the weather might be until just a couple days before you hit the road, so make sure to check the forecasts then. If the weather looks bad on your specific days of travel, particularly in Northern AZ and NM, you could look at heading east on I-10 before heading north through New Mexico or Texas, but keep in mind, just staying south isn't a guarantee of good weather, and adding miles means more time on the road - time that often is better used to simply wait out a storm.

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    As I've made that very trip a few times (going a little further east into MO on I-70) and leaving from the Valley of the Sun, I was going to suggest the very route that Michael suggested. If the weather is "right", you can easily get to Albuquerque on your first night and Oklahoma City on your second night. If it's on a weekend, no biggie, but if staying overnight in a city and departing on a weekday morning, you are better off staying on the opposite side of the city. That would be east of the "Big I" (interchange of I-40 and I-25) in ABQ, and on the north side of OKC.

    If you don't get going from Phoenix as early as you'd like on the first day, Gallup is a good place to light, and then around the western side of Oklahoma for your second night.

    FWIW, this past March, my brother drove a U-Haul truck from the East Valley (Tempe) to central KS. They went up I-17 to I-40, and stayed the first night in Gallup. The next day, they took the US-54 "shortcut" that Michael mentioned, and overnighted on Day 2 in Dalhart, TX. They were in at a really reasonable hour on Day 3 so they had time to unload the truck.


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