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    Gday Everyone,

    This is my first time on this forum, and this will also be my first American Road trip in winter. I am an Aussie who has done USA trips in summer but winter is a whole new ball game and no matter how much research I do, I feel lost. Can someone please give me some advice here. The first few days of my trip are pretty much set in concrete. We fly into LA and head straight to Palm Springs for 3 nights, around 21/22/23 December. We are thinking going from palm springs through Joshua tree and staying overnight at 29 Palms. Then onwards through mojave national preserve to Vegas for two nights (arriving xmas day). We then have 9 days up our sleeve before our pre-booked accommlodation in Anaheim. I had been intending to go north from Vegas to Zion, then around the Grand Canyon on the northern side, then head down to Sedona. Now I am getting nervous about winter conditions, I hear the northern rim will be closed. I am worried about other possible road closures or the need for chains. With 9 days to play with, can anyone recommend a good way to see some lovely national parks and the grand canyon, heading off from Las Vegas? Should we just forget about Zion and head along the southern edge of the grand canyon? Or could we fit in Zion and then back track to the southern edge of the grand canyon? Any other ideas for an amazing trip that gets us back to Anaheim / LA area, without too much concern about the winter driving? Any advice would be appreciated. I just have no idea what to expect, I NEVER travel in winter!!!

    Thanks so much!!!

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    Default You just have to embrace the winter.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Winter travel can be very rewarding, but it's also unpredictable so you have to expect the unexpected and be prepared to make changes on the go. Thinking that heading a bit south will avoid winter weather is a common mistake as you could see winter storms anywhere. Only this February we saw snow in Vegas and we were pretty much forced to stay an extra night by the weather as all the roads south of Vegas were closed down during a storm. Did it ruin our trip ? No is the answer, we just adapted and ended up seeing some places we hadn't planned on seeing and enjoyed them. You could have no such 'problems' but there is a chance you will. You should bring warm clothing and expect to see snow and sub zero temperatures as even the Grand canyon south rim is over 7000 feet in elevation. All in all I think you have a great adventure to look forward to, and any changes that may happen, just embrace them and enjoy ! If the weather co-operates, From Zion I would head to Page AZ and visit some of the nearby attractions, perhaps an Antelope canyon tour. You could detour to Monument valley as you continue towards the Grand canyon and Sedona.

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    Bryce isnít that far from Zion. Itís a gorgeous place in summer, and the winter snow capped pictures Iíve seen look fantastic. If weather and road conditions allow, I would consider it. If I were pressed for time, I would pick a HIKE down into Bryce over Zion or even the Grand Canyon! This doesnít hold true if you only observe Bryce from the overlooks along the road.

    Notice the warning: Traction devices required when hiking.

    These are sort of like tire chains that strap to your shoes.

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