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    Default Camping On the Alaska Hwy and in Alaska

    Public Camping along the main Alaska Highway, from Dawson Creek, BC to Delta Junction, AK, and the Richardson Hwy from there to Fairbanks, AK, is the subject of this post. Other highways that connect with the Alaska Highway, will be the subjects of other posts within this thread. To qualify for inclusion on this thread, the campsite must be a traditional campground (not a travel center/truck stop/rest area) within 20 miles of the Highway. Bear in mind that this is northern country and most campgrounds are only open from about mid-May to mid-September. Some sites cannot accommodate a long rig, and most provincial parks in Canada do not have hookups or dump stations. For best information, a copy of the most recent Milepost book is highly recommended. It includes all services, including camping (both public and private). Note that cell and Internet service is very “iffy” in many parts of this area. You will find it in the larger towns and cities, but it may not be compatible with your carrier. MP=Milepost #, which is the approximate mileage from Dawson Creek. Note: It is the actual mileage, not the Historic Mileage.

    Highways in and around Alaska, followed by some of the other highways that connect to the AK Highway in BC and YT.

    Here is a list of these highways for general reference:

    The Inside Passage (Alaska)

    Seward Highway, Anchorage to Seward (Alaska)

    Richardson Highway, Valdez to Delta Junction (Alaska)

    Copper River Highway (Alaska)

    Elliott Highway -- Fox to Manley Hot Springs (Alaska)

    Edgarton Highway/ McCarthy Road -- AK-10 (Alaska)

    The Denali Highway, Paxson to Cantwell (Alaska)

    The Sterling Highway (Alaska)

    The Steese Highway, Fairbanks to the Artic Circle (Alaska)

    Hope Highway and the Kenai Spur Road (Alaska)

    Glenn Highway/ George Parks Highway -- Anchorage to Fairbanks, (Alaska)

    The Dalton Highway to Prudhoe Bay (Alaska)

    Chena Hot Springs Road (Alaska)


    Stewart-Hyder Access Road -- BC-37A (Canada and Alaska)

    South Klondike Highway, Whitehorse, YT to Skagway, AK (Alaska and Canada)

    The Klondike Loop, Whitehorse to Dawson City (Alaska and Canada)

    Haines Highway from Haines Junction, YT to Haines, Alaska (Alaska and Canada)


    The Canol Road (Canada)

    Campbell Highway (Canada)

    The Atlin Road (Canada)

    The Dempster Highway (Canada)

    Cassiar Highway (Canada)


    BC: British Columbia:

    Kiskatinaw Provincial Park, MP 17.3
    Beatton Provincial Park, 5 m east of MP 49.5
    Charlie Lake Provincial Park, MP 53.6
    Duhu Lake Provincial Park, 5.8 m w of MP 154.5
    Note: Mentioned in The Milepost 2018. Another website had a review that said this was a free site. There isn't much other information on this park.
    Buckinghorse River Wayside Provincial Park, Sikanni Chief, MP 173.3
    Andy Bailey Regional Park, 6 m east of MP 265.5
    Note: This campground has just a few campsites with very little on them. BYO everything! It's about 6 miles down a dirt and gravel road. Large RV's and trailers might want to note that there is only one place to turn around, if you change your mind, about 3 miles down that road.
    Tetsa River Regional Park (formerly Provincial Park), MP 344.7
    Note: Small amount of camping right on the water. BYO Everything.
    Summit Lake Campground, Stone Mountain Provincial Park, MP 373.6
    McDonald Creek Provincial Park, MP 384.2
    Muncho Lake Provincial Park
    Note: Strawberry Flats Campground, Muncho Lake Provincial Park, MP 437.6
    McDonald Campground, Muncho Lake Provincial Park, MP 442.9

    Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park, Mile 477.7

    YT: Yukon Territory
    Note: Yukon has a lot of government campgrounds, but they are almost all first-come, first-served without a reservation system. They are also difficult to get a lot of information about. Highly recommend downloading the PDF documents below, to help you find the YT government campsites. Having a copy of The Milepost will also help you find commercial alternatives, in the event that a public site is full.

    Yukon Camping and Map PDF
    Note: You need Adobe reader to access this document!

    Watson Lake Campground - Government, Watson Lake, MP 615.3
    Big Creek Government Campground, MP 651.2
    Teslin Lake Campground, Teslin, MP 785.2
    Squanga Lake Campground, MP 821
    Marsh Lake Campground, Whitehorse, MP 859.9
    Note: Reservable! Also, it appears that the Recreation Area is closed, but the campground is still open. Inquire locally if you haven't made reservations.
    Wolf Creek Campground, Whitehorse, MP 876.8
    Robert Service Campground, City of Whitehorse, MP 887.4
    Note: Tents Only, no RV sites.
    Lake LeBarge Campground, Whitehorse
    Note: 20 miles north of the AK Hwy on YT-2.
    Tahkiini River Campground, Kluane, 9 mi from MP 927.3
    Note: The access road is winding, hard-packed dirt and gravel, slippery when wet, and not recommended for large RV's and trailers.
    Kusawa Lake Campground, Kluane/Haines Jct., 14.7 mi from MP 927.3
    Note: The access road is winding, hard-packed dirt and gravel, slippery when went, and not recommended for large RV's and trailers.
    Pine Lake Campground, Haines Jct., MP 980.8
    Congdon Creek, Destruction Bay, MP 1039.3
    Lake Creek Campground, MP 1117.1
    Snag Junction Campground, Beaver Creek, MP 1153

    AK: Alaska, USA

    Deadman Lake Campground, Fish & Wildlife Service, MP 1214.3
    Note: Limited sites for long RV's.
    Lakeview Campground, Fish & Wildlife Service, MP 1221.7
    Note: Limited sites for long RV's.
    Tok River State Recreation Site Campground, Tok, MP 1274.2
    Moon Lake State Recreation Site Campground, Tok, MP 1296.9
    Clearwater State Recreation Site, Delta Junction, MP 1379.8
    Delta State Recreation Site, Delta Junction, MP 1388
    Quartz Lake State Recreation Area, Delta Junction, MP 1398.7
    Birch Lake State Recreation Site, MP 1426.2
    Harding Lake State Recreation Area, Salcha, MP 1442
    Salcha River State Recreation Site, Salcha, MP 1444

    Chena Lake Recreation Area, North Pole, MP 1467.6
    Note: 2 campgrounds: Lake Park and River Park.
    Whitefish State Park Campground, Fairbanks

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    Default Cassiar Hwy (BC-37)

    YT: Cassiar Hwy: Kitwanga BC to Watson Lake YT (BC-37)
    K- is from Junction of Cassier with the Yellowknife. (For the Yellowknife Highway, see Camping Along the Trans-Canada Highway)

    Kitwanga Municipal Campground, Kitwanga
    Note: Campground does not have its own website. The campground was mentioned in The Milepost and verified with other websites.
    Bonus Lake Recreation Site, Stewart/Nass Camp, K-50.6
    Derrick Lake Recreation Site, K-51.8
    Jigsaw Lake Recreation Site, K-68.3
    Meziadin Lake Provincial Park, K-96.5
    Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park, K-227.1
    Sawmill Point Recreation Site, Dease Lake, K-329.6
    Boya Lake Provincial Park, K-397.2
    Note: Park is currently (2022) under a “must boil all water for drinking, brushing teeth, cooking” order.
    French Creek Recreation Area, K-414.5

    Next up....Chena Hot Springs Road, in Alaska.
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    Default Chena Hot Springs Road

    Chena Hot Springs Hwy, Fairbanks AK to Chena Hot Springs Resort, AK.
    Technically, it's not a numbered highway. However, it has a few good campgrounds that might be used, especially if you're interested in paddling the Chena River. The resort is known for the Aurora Ice Museum and the resort's own use of geothermal energy. J- is the mileage from the junction of the Steese Highway (which will be included in a later post in this thread).

    Rosehip State Campground, J-27
    Granite Tors Trailhead State Campground, J-39.4
    Red Squirrel Campground, J-42.8

    Next up...highways for the really adventurous types.....
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    Default AK: The Dalton Highway (AKA "Haul Road" or "Pipeline Road")

    AK: Dalton Highway (AK-11), from Elliott Hwy to Prudhoe Bay. Please read up on this trip before you head up on it, as it's not your average highway. It's mostly gravel and can become muddy very easily. There aren't a whole lot of services available, it's not to be driven in one day (415 miles is 2 days on a gravel road, or more). Fuel up when you see fuel, carry extra spare tires, but rest assured that people are willing to stop if you are stranded. Don't expect cell coverage. Carry a paper map! Tent campers should be especially aware of bears! Inquire locally about road conditions, and be completely self-sufficient! J- is from where the pavement ends and the gravel begins.

    Arctic Circle BLM Campground, J-115.5
    Note: No anything except a pit toilet. BYOW. It's a place to be able to say, "I slept overnight at the Arctic Circle".

    Gobblers Knob Wayside, J-132.1
    Note: This is the exception to the rule about posting only designated campsites. Because of the scarcity of services on this road, it will be mentioned that this is a place where truckers park on the opposite side of the road from the Wayside, near the gravel pit. This is good for RV'ers, but tenters and pop-ups should go on to Grayling Lake or Marion Creek.

    Grayling Lake, J-150
    Note: This is a small primitive camping area with no amenities. The Milepost mentions it, but there is no Internet mention.

    Marion Creek BLM Campground, J-179.7
    Note: Potable water available, but better bring a container, particularly if you're going to try to add water to an RV fresh water tank: It's a hand-pump!

    Galbraith Lake BLM Campground, V-274.4

    Note: Camping spots are scarce in Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay. The Milepost suggests either checking with the Tesoro Station in town (if you're in an RV) or out on Sag River outside of town, but check locally. If you want to stay in a hotel after several days on a gravel road, book ahead of time. Three to seven days or more is suggested!

    And next up....another highway for the adventurous soul, this one in Canada, the Dempster Highway!
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    Default Canada: The Dempster Hwy (YT-5, NWT-8)

    Canada: Dempster Hwy: Klondike Hwy (YT-5, NWT-8) to Inuvik, NWT. This is another road for the adventurous soul! On this road, there are a few things to be careful of. First, there is a 229 mile stretch with no fuel. Second, it's a gravel road most of the way. Third, there are two ferry crossings (J-334.9 and J-365, both in NWT). Why go? Great outdoors for fishing-hiking-paddling, and you can say that you've traveled by road in the NorthWest Territories (NWT). The Milepost has further information about this highway. J- is the mileage from the junction with the Klondike Hwy, YT.

    Tombstone Mountain Campground, Yukon Government, J-44.5

    Engineer Creek Campground, Yukon Government, J-120.4

    Rock River, Yukon Government Campground, J-277

    Nitainlaii Territorial Park (NWT) Campground, J-336

    Vadzaih Van Tshik Campground, J-426

    Gwich'in Territorial Park (NWT) Campground, J-434

    Ja'k Territorial Park (NWT) Campground, J-453.8

    Happy Valley Territorial Park (NWT) Campground, Inuvik (in town)

    Next up, it's back to Alaska for the Glenn Highway....

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    Default AK: The Glenn Highway / Tok Cutoff

    AK: Glenn Hwy/Tok Cutoff (AK-1), Anchorage to Tok.
    A- is mileage from Anchorage.

    For Anchorage, please see Glenn Hwy/George Parks Hwy. (next post in the thread).

    Matanuska Lakes State Recreation Area, formerly Kepler-Bradley Lake State Recreation Area, A-36.1
    Note: Tents only.

    Moose Creek Campground, Chickaloon Village Traditional Council, A-54.5
    Note: No website, but The Milepost lists it, as well as other websites. Inquire locally. As you may figure out, it is owned by the native tribes in Alaska.

    King Mountain State Recreation Site, Chickaloon, A-76.4

    Matanuska Glacier State Recreation Site, A-101

    Army Point Campground, Lake Louise State Recreation Area,17.2 mi north of A-159.8

    Dry Creek State Recreation Site, Glennallen, A-192

    Sourdough Creek BLM Campground
    Note: You have to access this from the Richardson Hwy.(see separate listing) It's about 32 miles north of the junction. Included because one fishermen website stated that the fish were biting pretty well in the creek in the several times he'd been there.

    Porcupine Creek State Recreation Site, A-267.2

    Eagle Trail State Recreation Site and Campground, A-312.2

    Next up....Anchorage to Fairbanks via the Glenn Highway and the George Parks Highway, which goes through Denali National Park.
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    Default AK: Glenn Hwy/George Parks Hwy.

    AK: Glenn Hwy and the George Parks Hwy (AK-1, AK-3), Anchorage to Fairbanks
    A- is the mileage from Anchorage.
    Note: You will pass through the Mat-Su Valley, known for its agriculture. Mat-Su is short for Matanuska-Susitna.

    Centennial Park Campground, City of Anchorage
    Note: This place is very busy during the summer months! Have a reservation someplace else in case you can't get in here.

    Chugach State Park Campgrounds
    Eklutna Lake
    Eagle River, A-11
    Bird Creek (on the Seward Hwy)

    Lake Lucile Campground, Knik-Goosebay Road, Wasilla, A-42

    Finger Lake State Recreation Site, Bogard Road, Wasilla, A-42

    Big Lake North State Recreation Site, Big Lake Road, Wasilla, A-51.3

    South Rolly Lake Campground, Nancy Lake State Recreation Area, Willow, A-66.5

    Willow Creek State Recreation Area, Talkeetna, A-70.8

    Montana Creek State Recreation Site, Willow, A-76.5

    Denali State Park Campgrounds
    Denali View South. A-134.8
    Kesugi Ken, A-135.6
    Lower Troublesome, A-137.2
    Byers Lake, A-147
    Denali View North, A-162.6

    Denali National Park Campgrounds
    Riley Creek, J-0.3
    Savage River, J-12.8
    Sanctuary River, J-22 (bus in only)
    Teklanika, J-29.1 (bus in only)
    Igloo Creek – J-34.2 (bus in only)
    Wonder Lake – J-84.7 (bus in only)

    Note: If you have a 3-night minimum stay, you can drive to Teklanika in your vehicle or RV.

    For Fairbanks, please see the Alaska Highway, above.

    Next up will be the Haines Highway, from Haines Jct., YT, to Haines, AK.
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    Default AK/Can: Haines Hwy, Haines Jct YT to Haines AK

    AK: Haines Hwy: Haines Jct, YT to Haines, AK (YK-3, BC-3, AK-7)
    HJ- is mileage from Haines Jct.

    Pine Lake Campground, Haines Jct.

    Kathleen Lake Campground, Kluane NP, HJ-16
    Note: This is the only established campground in Canada's Kluane National Park.

    Dezadeash Lake Campground, Haines Hwy, HJ-50.6
    Note: Most of the campground's sites are tight for larger rigs.

    Million Dollar Falls Campground, Haines Hwy, HJ-52.7
    Note: Larger rigs seem to fit better here.

    Chilkoot Lake State Recreation Site, Haines, 10 miles from downtown on Lutak Rd.

    Portage Cove State Recreation Site, Haines
    Note: Hiker/bicycle (walk-in/bike in, no motors) campground, tents only, on the waterfront.

    Chilkat State Park, Haines, 7 miles south of Haines on Mud Bay Road

    Next up, Hope Highway, a short road that goes from the Seward Highway (see later post in this thread) to the town of Hope.
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    Default AK: Hope Highway and AK: Kenai Spur Road

    AK: Hope Hwy, Seward Hwy (in a later post) to Hope.
    S- is mileage from the junction of the Seward Hwy.

    Couer d'Alene NF Campground, Chugach NF, S-16.2
    Note: Take Resurrection Creek Rd at S-16.2 for 0.6 mile to Palmer Creek Road. Go 7 miles down Palmer Creek Road to the very primitive campground. Not recommended for RV's or trailers due to the very winding road. BYO Everything.

    Porcupine NF Campground, Chugach NF, S-17.8
    Note: Everything is back up and running, so there are amenities. And fees!

    AK: Kenai Spur Road, from the Sterling Hwy (in a later post) at Soldotna, to Kenai.

    Discovery Campground, SY-39, at the end of Kenai Spur Road.

    Next up....the Klondike Loop, which will include the Klondike Highway north to Dawson City, the Top of the World Highway and the Taylor Highways.....
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    Default CAN/AK: The Klondike Loop

    YT: Klondike Hwy, Whitehorse to Dawson City (YT-2)
    Note: Part of this loop (with Top of the World Hwy and Taylor Hwy) requires the use of a ferry crossing at Dawson City. Ensure that you find out ahead of time whether the ferry is running! There are a number of Yukon Government Campgrounds on this loop.
    J- is mileage from the junction with Alaska Highway.

    Lake Lebarge, Yukon Government Campground, J-20.3

    Fox Lake Government Campground, J-34.5

    Twin Lakes Government Campground, J-71.9

    Tatchun Creek Government Campground, J-117.9

    Ethel Lake Government Campground, J-205

    Moose Creek Government Campground, J-227.1

    Klondike River Campground, Yukon Govt., Dawson, J-311.7

    Yukon River Campground, Yukon Govt., Dawson, just past the Ferry Crossing

    YT/AK: Top of the World Hwy/Taylor Hwy, Dawson City YT to Tetlin Jct, AK (YT-9, AK-5)
    There are no listed campgrounds on Top of the World Highway between Dawson City and the intersection of Taylor Highway.

    The following campgrounds are along or close enough to the Taylor Hwy (AK-5):

    Eagle Campground, Eagle
    Note: Eagle is not really very close to the Taylor Highway, but it's included because it does attract a number of tourists. It's about 65 miles from the Taylor Highway, and the road is narrow, winding, gravel, with little to no shoulders, and steep drop offs in places. There are turnouts for allowing others to pass you. There is this campground, but many folks leave their rigs at Chicken or at Walker Fork BLM Campground and use their towed-vehicle or tow-vehicle to go to Eagle for the day.

    Walker Fork BLM Campground

    West Fork BLM Campground

    Next will be the Richardson Highway, which goes between Delta Junction and Valdez. It is also between Delta Junction and Fairbanks, but that section was included with the Alaska Highway since most people traveling on the AK Hwy through Canada wil go on to Fairbanks.
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