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    Thank you for sharing. I’m going to remember and refer back to this thread if my next “pie-in-the-sky” idea happens a year from now. I’d love to see these Utah parks, and the North Rim of the GC, only doing a loop from Denver and back. That planning will only start after we see if we survive our west coast adventure coming up the end of August this year.

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    The drive from Bryce to Capitol Reef on UT 12 is one of my favorite drives we have ever done. It's been 9 years since we were out that way and last week Facebook popped up with photos to remind me of the trip. Grand Staircase Escalante is mesmerizing and Capitol Reef may be one of the most underrated National Parks. Enjoying reading about your travels.

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    Welcome to RTA! Thanks for the kudos. Look around here, as there are many other trips that folks have posted.

    My only "complaint" about Capitol Reef is that it was "too darned hot". We'd been spoiled by lovely temperatures at Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon, in the 70s and low 80s during the day, that upper 90s was just HOT.


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    Hi Donna,

    Enjoyed following your trip, it’s given us ideas for our next one!

    How did you get you pictures to come out large? Mine are only thumbnails



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    Quote Originally Posted by Redw28 View Post
    Hi Donna,

    How did you get you pictures to come out large? Mine are only thumbnails


    You need to use a hosting site such as Flickr (as Donna has done here) and use the 'Insert image' tool at the top of each reply box to enter the URL.

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    Once I do that, when I am choosing the photo and getting the BB Code from Flickr, it gives me a choice of what size to use. For RTA, I choose "Medium". I also pay for Flickr Pro, so that it can become my "Cloud" storage, as well as be used for RTA and other sites where I might share photos.


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    Great, Thanks guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DonnaR57 View Post
    Day 6 - Friday, July 12 - Bryce Canyon to Capitol Reef, 159 gorgeous miles

    We set out this morning, packed up and checked out, heading first back into Bryce Canyon. We first went out to Sunset Point and looked, photos, etc., then out to Fairyland Canyon. Hubby took an impromptu hike down into the Canyon a little ways. I wasn't really prepared to go hiking (I had my purse) so I didn't go out as far as he did.

    Click here for this RTA Library Map



    Then we headed out, fueled up (diesel, $3.19/gal), and drove up to UT-12. It is listed as an All-American Scenic By Way and for very, very good reason. It is absolutely beautiful! The road is very winding in places, and at one point, you are actually driving on a ridge where there is very little shoulder and it's a long way down! There are two passes between Tropic and Torrey. One was up about 7500 ft in elevation and the other was 9600 ft. The highway builders put in a few scenic pullouts that we took advantage of. (Some of these next photos will be "windshield photos", as there wasn't always a good place to pull over in our long pick-up truck.)



    Looking down toward the road where we're going:


    It was nearing noon when we got up to Capitol Reef NP, which is on UT-24. We took our time in CRNP, as we knew we had loads of time before we could check into our motel. The Visitor Center was a must, as was the Gift Shop. We are now covered for 2020 calendars, as we bought the NP calendar as well as one from the Colorado Plateau which will remind one of our summer trip all next year.


    Then we drove out on the scenic drive, stopping at the Blacksmith Shop and the Gifford House in the Fruita Historic Area first.

    IMG_1289 by jeanniesisters, on Flickr



    It got HOT while we were out on that winding narrow scenic drive. Had to turn on the AC. We stopped a few times, then turned around at the spot where the road turns into dirt road. (I remembered later that I've been out on that dirt road, years and years ago.)

    If you have the national park wallpaper slideshow for Windows 10, this peak may be familiar. This is a day shot; Windows photo is a night shot with a very starry sky:





    If you'd like to see more photos, please click on one of the IMG_XXXX links. It will take you to my Flickr account where there are a LOT more.

    Driving back up the scenic road and hitting a few scenic spots that were now on our side of the road, the picnic area beckoned. There, we rested our eyes, ate a snack and drank some fluids, then went out for a walk along the Fremont River. There were orchards out there that you could walk through, with apple trees and apricot trees.






    When we thought we'd had enough, we drove over to the old Fruita Schoolhouse which was rather disappointing since it was locked and you couldn't go inside. I'm sure it was locked because they were short on rangers and volunteers to be there to keep an eye out for it. Otherwise it might be destroyed.



    The motel we'd chosen was in Torrey, 11 miles back on UT-24. It's Broken Spur Inn and Restaurant. They allowed us to check in before the 4 pm check-in time, and we unloaded before enjoying the pool. Then relaxed before going to dinner at their steakhouse. The food was delicious, especially the prime rib which was done perfectly. Yum. We even took back leftovers, knowing that we had a motel or two coming up that had a microwave in the room for us. (We always carry eating utensils.)

    Just found the link to your trip report and have been enjoying it! The rangers do open the Fruita school house and the hours are posted at the visitor center.

    Hwy 128 is my favorite and to think the first time we drove it, it was pouring rain so hard when we did the hog back section we didn't even know there were drop off on both sides....good thing we didn't decide to pull over till the rain stopped!

    Looks like the apricots weren't ripe yet....bummer! That was the one thing about having to go there in the summer when our boys were in apricots!


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    Quote Originally Posted by DonnaR57 View Post
    Day 8 - Sunday, July 14 - Canyonlands National Park

    This morning we got up at a decent hour because the alarm clock in the room went off precisely at 6 am! It must have been set either by a previous tenant in the room, or by Housekeeping, because we didn't set it. We readied ourselves for the day, grabbed a quick breakfast in the Breakfast Room at the motel, then headed out. Got fuel, had to come back to the room for a forgotten item, then drove north.

    Click here for this RTA Library Map

    It was further than I thought to Canyonlands National Park Island in the Sky unit, by far the most popular unit. It was over 80 miles from Monticello! Did that up really well, took the hike to Mesa Arch, did some other walking, then headed back for Moab in time for lunch.



    Green River Overlook:


    We found the McDonald's and grabbed sandwiches. We began to wonder why we hadn't stayed in Moab. I know hubby really didn't want to stay there again, but I don't think we realized just how far Monticello was from Island in the Sky. Then too, I'm not sure we really planned on doing Island in the Sky because we'd seen Dead Horse Point State Park about 7 years ago or so.

    Then headed south for the Needles District of Canyonlands. Took forever to get out there and then we were a bit disappointed with it. Couldn't get close enough to the Needles for decent photos!


    Telephoto shot of Wooden Shoe Arch:

    Regular shot of Wooden Shoe Arch:

    Leaving the Needles District:


    It was after 4 when we finally got back to the room, well over 9 hours after we'd left. I'd guessed we would put 200 or 250 miles on the truck, but it was closer to 300. In retrospect, I wish we'd stayed in Moab, though this motel is nice enough!

    Dinner was "eat in". We had a microwave, and some leftovers from Friday evening's dinner. So we cooked in, enjoyed their pool, and relaxed, because we only had driving days ahead of us.


    Wow...what a long day! I love Mesa Arch and Green River overlook!!!! I love the drive into the Needles section of Canyonlands but the Needles section isn't as good as the Island in the Sky district. Did you stop at Newspaper Rock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southwest Dave View Post
    I enjoyed your Red rock tour and photos Donna, thanks for sharing. We have twice been to Capitol Reef and not been able to drive the scenic road, once we arrived just after dark but had to continue on to Hanksville for the night and the second time it had washed out after heavy rain and was closed. Third time lucky perhaps !

    Love the view of Washerwoman rock looking through Mesa Arch.

    We practically live in Capitol Reef. We have been going since 1977 before the scenic drive was paved! I can't even guess how many times we've been. We have gone every year since DH retired in 2007 and sometimes twice a year. We have spent 15 days in the Fruita campground one year and usually spend at least 7- 10 days. If you have any questions I'd be happy to advise. I know where there are a lot of petroglyphs that they don't advertise! ;)

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