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  1. Default Road trip From Modesto, CA to Bremerton, WA

    Hello all!

    I need some serious help planning. I'm a single mom to 3 boys 14, 9 & 6 years old. I'm planning a road trip with them for 7 days next week leaving 7/17. The majority of my time will be spent in Washington visiting family and touring places over their. I was hoping to take the scenic route and spend a total of 2-3 days on the way up making some stops along the way and only stopping once on the way back.

    I need help with suggestions with:

    1. Best Routes

    2. Places to visit/tour

    3. Places to stay & locations

    Any advice/recommendations for this single mom tackling this road trip would be much appreciated!!

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    Default Mountains v coast.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    A common theme here is that there is no generic 'best' as each persons taste is different. First off I would sit down with the boys with a good map in hand and show them where you are starting from and where you are ending and discuss things in between. If they have a vested interest in the trip it will be more exciting for them and more enjoyable for you. As a single mom with 3 boys this is the best part of a 2 day trip anyway so to experience a thing or two you will need to use the 3 days getting there, or you may find that taking your time coming home is beneficial. (On the way up you have the excitement of visiting family and new surroundings so if you took your time going home, you are not just going home you have more to look forward to.) In your case I think you have 2 options, heading to the coast through the Redwood forests to the Oregon coast and many seaside towns, or heading inland and up the Cascade range. This would give you the option to visit Lassen Volcanic NP, Burney falls, Crater Lake, the historic Columbia river Gorge and Mt St Helens, but not all. If you decide on the coast then doing it on the way home has another advantage, the ocean and it's scenic pull outs will be on your side of the road.

    Once you have decide what you would like to do we can help with any other questions you have.

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    Default There's a Basic Problem

    If, indeed, you plan to spend "[t]he majority of [your] Washington visiting family and touring places over [there], then you don't have time for an enjoyable, kid-friendly RoadTrip up or back. There simply isn't enough time. The problem is that only the shortest route, straight up I-5 through the Central Valley, can be covered in less than two days. And even taking that route you'd have to average 420 miles each day which really doesn't leave a whole lot of time for much more than quick R&R stops. And even that only leaves your three days in Bremerton, which is not quite the majority of your time. If you take any route other than I-5 to try to enjoy either the coast or the Sierra Nevada, then your time with family in Washington must be cut down accordingly. If, indeed, you try to do the coast drive one way and the Sierra Nevada route the other, and stop at some of the many national parks, monuments and forests along the way, then you could very easily be looking at only a single day in Bremerton, or even less!

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