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    Default Camping Along the Trans-Canadian Highway

    As a sister thread to the two US threads (Interstate Camping Guide and Camping the Great US Highways), this thread will include three parts of the TCH. The Trans-Canadian Highway has a northern section, a southern section, and a section that includes the Atlantic Provinces (New Brunswick, Newfoundland/Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton Island)

    Those who are accustomed to following a US interstate highway across the country find that the highway has one number across the states. For instance, I-80 goes from California to New Jersey, and it is called I-80 in every state.

    This is not necessarily the case for Canada. A Trans-Canada Highway may tool along through three of four provinces (which are similar to 'states", just structured differently) being called TCH-# and then quickly change in the next province to another number. In this thread, we'll do our best to let you know the number and/or name of the highway as much as we can. ADDITION: It should also be realized that the TCH is primarily 2-lane, going into 4-lane only in certain areas. There may also be stop signs and stop lights at junctions and towns. The TCH is not a high-speed way of travel.

    Something else to think about....climate and weather. Canada is further north. In doing the research for this thread, it came to attention that it is rare for a campground to be open much before May 15th or to be open past October 1st. In some cases, the listing states "Winter Camping" but there are caveats -- no water, no electricity, camping cabins may not be available. Some campgrounds even state "campground closes when the road is impassable due to snow." So if you're camping before or after those dates, be prepared.

    For US residents, crossing the border into Canada means you need a passport ... even just going over to see Niagara Falls from the Canadian side requires one! Keep that in mind. Also leave extra time for the border crossing wait. If the lines are long, you will be waiting. Note that not all border crossing points are open 24 hours.

    Another reminder for US residents: measurements are in the metric system. You don't drive miles, you drive kilometers. You don't put in gallons of gas/fuel, you put in litres. There are apps for phones that will do the math for you, or you can bring a calculator. Or just do the math yourself, either in your head or on paper!

    If you are traveling in an RV, something to note if your rig requires a 50 amp plug: carry a converter! Many will have a few posts with 30 amps, but some will only have 15 or 20 amp service. Recommendation: if it only has 15 or 20 amp service, do not try to run your AC.


    Atlantic Provinces

    Northern Route (BC to ON)

    Northern Route (ON to QC)

    Southern Route

    Anyway, enjoy your camping experience!

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    Default Trans-Canadian Highway, North

    Public campgrounds along the Trans-Canada Highway system, going from Prince Rupert on the Yellowknife Highway (TC-16) all the way to Ontario. The Trans-Canada Highway is actually a series of highways that string themselves across the country. Unless otherwise noted, all campgrounds are within 32 km (20 miles) of the highway. There may be other camping areas available; please inquire locally. PR- is mileage from Prince Rupert, PG- is mileage from Prince George.

    BC: British Columbia: TC-16, The Yellowknife Highway

    Prudhomme Lake Provincial Park, Prince Rupert, PR-15.2
    Nisga'a Provincial Park Campground, PR-90.2
    Ferry Island Municipal Campground, City of Terrace, PR-92.5
    Furling Bay Campground, Lakelse Lake Provincial Park, Terrace, PR-93
    Kleanza Creek Provincial Park, Terrace, PR-102.4
    Seeley Lake Provincial Park, Hazelton, PR-171

    Twin Falls BC Recreation Area, PR-216
    Note: Only 2 campsites, and they can only handle tents. Good thing, because the access road is very poor.
    Tyhee Lake Provincial Park, Telkwa/Smithers, PR-227
    Red Bluff Provincial Park, Granisle, Babine Lake, PR-276.6
    Note: Red Bluff is under a boil-water-before-using decree. Take heed, or BYO!
    Burns Lake Spirit Square Municipal Campground, Burns Lake
    Beaumont Provincial Park, Fort Fraser, PR-361.8
    Riverside Municipal Campground, Smithers
    Babine lake Marine Provincial Park, Pendleton site

    Morice Lake Provincial Park, Houston
    Purden Lake Provincial Park, Sinclair Mills

    Mileage is now recorded from PG, Prince George

    Mount Robson Provincial Park Campgrounds

    Robson River CG, PG-180.3
    Robson Meadows CG, PG-181.3
    Lucerne CG, PG-212.5
    Robson River Electrified Sites
    Berg Lake Trail CG
    link to dispersed backcountry camping

    AB: Alberta: TCH-16, Yellowknife Highway

    Parks Canada: Jasper National Park Campgrounds
    Wapiti (reservable)
    Wabasso (reservable)
    Pocahontas (reservable)
    Honeymoon Lake
    Icefield (tents only)
    Icefields Center RV
    Whistlers (closed for 2019)

    Note: Banff, Lake Louise, Yoho, Revelstoke and Canadian Glacier NP's will be included in another post of this thread.

    Wildhorse Lake Campground, PG-272
    Kinky Lake Campground, PG-272
    Obed Lake Provincial Park, between Hinton and Edson
    Hornbeck Creek Campground and Recreation Area, PG-326.5
    Willmore Park Campground, Edson
    Wolf Lake West Provincial Recreation Area, PR-352.7
    Sundance Provincial Park, Edson
    Pembina River Provincial Park, Entwistle, PG-398.5
    Wabamun Lake Provincial Park, Wabamun, PG-422.6
    Cold Lake Provincial Park, Edmonton
    Miquelon Provincial Park, Edmonton area

    Elk Island National Park Campgrounds, Fort Saskatchewan
    Astotin Lake
    Otter Lake

    Innisfree Municipal Recreation Park, Innisfree
    Vermilion Provincial Park, Vermilion

    SK: Saskatchewan: TCH-16

    Weaver Park RV, City of Lloydminster, Lloydminster
    The Battlefords Provincial Park, Cochin
    Pike Lake Provincial Park, south of Saskatoon
    Note: About 32 km/20 miles from Saskatoon.
    Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park, Canora
    Note: A cautionary boil-water-advisory has existed in this park since 2017. Be careful!

    MB: Manitoba: TCH-16 to TCH-1

    Asessippi Provincial Park, Dropmore

    Riding Mountain National Park Camping, Wasagaming
    Lake Audy
    Deep Lake
    Moon Lake

    Whiteshell Provincial Park Camping, Winnipeg
    Betula Lake
    Big Whiteshell
    Caddy Lake
    Falcon Beach
    Falcon Lakeshore
    Nutimik Lake
    Otter Falls
    West Hawk Lake
    White Lake

    To be continued in the next post....Ontario and Quebec on the northern route...

    For shorter breaks along this highway check HERE.
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    Continuing along the northern stretch of Trans-Canada Highway, through Ontario and a little bit of Quebec.

    ON: Ontario, TCH-11 then TCH-17

    Rushing River Provincial Park, Kenora
    Winnange Lake Provincial Park, between Kenora and Dryden
    Blue Lake Provincial Park, Dryden
    Sandbar Lake Provincial Park, Ignace
    Silver Falls Provincial Park, Kakabeka
    Note: BYO Water.
    Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, Kakabeka
    City of Thunder Bay Municipal Campgrounds, Thunder Bay (2)
    Rainbow Falls Provincial Park, Rossport
    Note: This is slightly off the beaten track, on TCH-17. We will continue on with TCH-11.
    MacLeod Provincial Park, Geraldton
    Fushimi Lake Provincial Park, Hearst
    Rene' Brunelle Provincial Park, Moonbeam
    Esker Lakes Provincial Park, Esker
    Kap-Kig-Iwan Provincial Park, Charlton/Dack
    Finlayson Point Provincial Park, Temagami
    Marten River Provincial Park, Temagami
    Mattawa River Provincial Park, Bonfield
    Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park, Mattawa
    Kiosk Campground, Algonquin Provincial Park, So. Nipissing
    Brent Campground, Algonquin Provincial Park, So. Nipissing
    Fitzroy Provincial Park, Ottawa

    QC: Quebec:
    Note: The official language of Quebec is French, so most websites are in French. Sometimes the Google translator didn't work for me, but here's the information. One thing I learned about Quebec: It doesn't have nearly the numbers of provincial parks of other provinces! Instead, it has a lot of National Parks.


    Aiguebelle National Park
    Verendrye Wildlife Reserve
    Papineau-LaBelle Wildlife Reserve
    Mount Tremblant National Park

    TCH-15 then TCH-20

    Jacques Cartier National Park
    Iles de Boucherville National Park


    Lake Temiscouata National Park

    New Brunswick is included with the Atlantic Provinces post, which will be along shortly.

    Next post will start back on the west coast of Canada, but follow along the "south route" of the Trans-Canadian Highway. Once again, it may have to be broken into two posts because of the sheer length of the TCH!

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    Default Trans-Canadian Highway, South

    Public campgrounds along the Trans-Canadian Highway, southern section, going from Vancouver, BC to points east. The Trans-Canadian Highway is actually many highways joined together to create a national highway. Unless otherwise noted, all campgrounds are within 32 km/20 miles of the highway. There may be campgrounds not listed; please inquire locally.

    BC: British Columbia: TCH-1

    Porpoise Bay Provincial Park, Sechelt
    Roberts Creek Provincial Park, Roberts Creek
    Tantalus Provincial Park (formerly Lake Lovely Water PP), Squamish
    Note: Campsites are walk-in only. They do have camping cabins.
    Alice Lake Provincial Park, Squamish
    Porteau Cove Provincial Park, Squamish-Lillooet
    Note: There are train tracks right next to the campsite and an early morning train that roars through.
    Golden Ears Provincial Park, Maple Ridge
    Note: Very, very popular park during the summer.
    Skihist Provincial Park, Lytton
    Goldpan Provincial Park, between Lytton and Spences Bridge
    Steelhead Provincial Park, Savoda/Kamloops
    Juniper Beach Provincial Park, Walhachin
    Paul Lake Provincial Park, Northeast of Kamloops
    Shushwap Lake Provincial Park, Scotch Creek
    Blanket Creek Provincial Park, Revelstoke

    Mount Revelstoke National Park (BC, Canada)
    Snowforest Campground, new for 2020

    Glacier National Park (BC, Canada) Campgrounds
    Loop Brook
    Mount Sir Donald

    Yoho National Park Campgrounds
    Kicking Horse
    Hoodoo Creek
    Takkakaw Falls (walk-in only)

    Kootenay National Park Campgrounds
    McLeod Meadows
    Marble Canyon

    AB: Alberta: TCH-1

    Banff National Park Campgrounds
    Tunnel Mountain Village I
    Tunnel Mountain Village II
    Tunnel Mountain Trailer
    Note: Personal experience with this park, good!
    Two Jack Main
    Two Jack Main Equipped
    Two Jack Lakeside
    Johnston Canyon
    Protection Mountain
    Castle Mountain
    Note: Closed until further notice.
    Lake Louise Trailer
    Note: Personal experience with this park. You need to load up on water before going to your site. It is like a gravel parking lot for trailers, with electric hookup. Be advised.
    Lake Louise Tent
    Mosquito Creek
    Silverhorn Creek
    Waterfowl Lakes
    Rampart Creek

    Bow Valley Provincial Park Campgrounds, Canmore/Kananaskis
    Bow River
    Bow Valley
    Lac des Arcs
    Three Sisters
    Willow Rock

    Little Elbow Campground, Kananaskis/Calgary
    Gooseberry Campground, Kananaskis/Calgary
    Wyndham-Carseland Provincial Park, Carseland
    Note: About 24 km/15 miles from the highway.
    Dinosaur Provincial Park, Steveville
    Kinbrook Island Provincial Park, south of Brooks
    Tillebrook Provincial Park, east of Brooks
    Firerock Campground, Cypress Hills Provincial Park, south of Medicine Hat
    Note: About 20km/12.5 mi from the highway.
    Spruce Coulee Campground, Cypress Hills Provincial Park, south of Medicine Hat
    Note: About 30km/18.6 mi from the highway.
    Reesor Lake Campground, Cypress Hills Provincial Park, south of Medicine Hat

    SK: Saskatchewan: TCH-1

    Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park, north of Swift Current
    Buffalo Pound Provincial Park, northeast of Moose Jaw
    Echo Valley Provincial Park, Fort Qu'Appelle
    Crooked Lake Provincial Park
    Note: About 36km/22 miles from Broadview on the highway.

    MB: Manitoba
    Note: The north and south routes join for awhile at Winnipeg.

    Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Carberry

    ON: Ontario: TCH-17/1 then TCH-71 down to TCH-11

    Rushing River Provincial Park, Kenora
    Caliper Lake Provincial Park
    Quetico Provincial Park, Atikokan
    Silver Falls Provincial Park, Thunder Bay
    Note: BYO Water.
    City of Thunder Bay Municipal Campgrounds/RV Parks (2)
    Marie Louise Lake Campground, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Thunder Bay area
    Rainbow Falls Provincial Park, Rossport
    Lake Superior Provincial Park, Wawa (2 campgrounds)
    Pancake Bay Provincial Park, Batchawana
    Chutes Provincial Park, Massey
    Killarney Provincial Park, Killarney
    Centennial Park, Greater Sudbury

    Now, TCH-69

    Grundy Lake Provincial Park, Britt
    Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park, Pointe au Baril

    Now onto TCH-400

    Six Mile Lake Provincial Park, Port Severn

    Now onto TCH-12

    Mara Provincial Park, Longford Mills
    McRae Point Provincial Park, Longford Mills

    Now to TCH-7

    Sharbot Lake Provincial Park, Frontenac
    Silver Lake Provincial Park, Moberly

    The next post in this thread will cover the Atlantic Provinces. For the smaller ones, there will be more than just the campgrounds along the TCH. For the larger provinces, we'll stay close to the TCH.

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    Default Trans-Canadian Highway, Atlantic Provinces

    Public campgrounds along the Trans-Canada Highway in the Atlantic Provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Cape Breton Island, and Prince Edward Island. Unless otherwise noted, all campgrounds are within 32 km/20 miles from the TCH. Other campgrounds may exist; please inquire locally.

    NB: New Bruswick: TCH-2

    St Croix International Waterway Campsites
    Spednick Lake Park
    Scott Brook
    Gravel Island

    Mantaquac Provincial Park, Mantaquac
    Parlee Beach Provincial Park, Shediac
    Murray Beach Provincial Park, Botsford

    Kouchibouguac National Park (2 campgrounds)
    South Kouchibouguac Campground

    Fundy National Park
    Point Wolfe

    New River Beach Provincial Park, New River Beach

    NS: Nova Scotia: TCH-104 to NS-101

    Five Islands Provincial Park
    Smileys Provincial Park, Brooklyn
    Ellenwood Lake Provincial Park, Yarmouth
    Thomas Raddell Provincial Park, Port Joli
    Rissers Beach Provincial Park, Crescent Beach South Shore
    Dollar Lake Provincial Park, Wyses Corner
    Boylston Provincial Park, Riverside
    Battery Provincial Park, St Peter's
    Mira River Provincial Park, Albert Bridge
    Caribou-Munroe's Island Provincial Park, Pictou
    Amherst Shore Provincial Park, Northumberland
    Whycocomagh Provincial Park, Whycocomagh

    CBI: Cape Breton Island, part of Nova Scotia

    Cape Breton Highlands National Park Campgrounds
    Broad Cove
    Ingonish Beach
    Corney Brook
    MacIntosh Brook
    Big Intervale

    NF: Newfoundland

    JT Cheeseman Provincial Park
    Barachois Pond Provincial Park
    Blow Me Down Provincial Park
    Sir Richard Squires Memorial Provincial Park
    Pistolet Bay Provincial Park
    Lockston Path Provincial Park
    Butter Pot Provincial Park
    La Manche Provincial Park

    Other Parks in Newfoundland and Labrador

    PEI: Prince Edward Island
    Note: Access to PEI is from NB's TCH-2 at Autlac, over the bridge.

    Northumberland Provincial Park
    Panmure Island Provincial Park
    Brudenell River Provincial Park
    Red Point Provincial Park
    Cabot Beach Provincial Park
    Jacques Cartier Provincial Park
    Cedar Dunes Provincial Park
    Linkletter Provincial Park
    Note to those who remember Art Linkletter: Some websites said this Prov. Park was named for him. He is Canadian, though he is from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. He became a naturalized US Citizen in the 1940's. However, the real reason for the name is for George Linkletter II, who started a potato farm in the area a few centuries ago.
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