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    Default Looking for road trip planning help 😁

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Kristin. My fiance, Erik, and I live in Florida. We are getting married in the fall of 2021. We just got engaged last weekend, so still working on the actual date. Anyway, we both came up with the idea of a road trip from Jacksonville,FL to Bar Harbor, ME. We plan on having three weeks off for our honeymoon. We know we definitely want to hit DC on the way up. Does anyone have any practical tips for other must-see places to stop or advice. Thank you!!

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    Default Starting Early - Good for You

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    First of all, Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials, and also on starting to plan your honeymoon so far in advance. Planning, as well as leaving a good bit of time for just relaxing and a bit of serendipity, is the key to a great RoadTrip.

    That said, I must tell you that a guiding philosophy amongst the 'regulars' here is that there is no generic list of "Must See" sites, only those places along your route that appeal to you (and your fiancÚ). So letting us know what the two of you would like to see/do is the only way to get advice that will help you plan your trip.

    I will say that three weeks is ample time to do an east coast RoadTrip at a relaxing and intimately enjoyable pace. As far as advice at this early point in your planning, the first thing I'd tell you is to look seriously at taking two completely different routes north and south. For example, you could stick relatively close to the coast on the way north (when the beaches will be on 'your' side of the road) and basically follow the Appalachian Mountains on the way south.

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    Welcome, and congratulations!

    One very practical tip is to try to stay off of I-95 between Richmond, VA and Boston, MA. It is the ultimate in gridlock, which is not a great way to spend a honeymoon!

    AZBuck suggested the beach roads on the way up ... US-17, US-13, US-113, and even US-1 when you need it to move over to DC. On the way down south, you could stick to the interstate I-81 or the Blue Ridge Parkway. A little word to the wise, don't try to race on the BRP. It's slow going, but beautiful.

    In D.C., there are any numbers of monuments and museums to see. The nice thing is that the Smithsonian Museums and the monuments are all free, which is always nice on ones' budget! Getting around DC can be done on the Metro, one of those get-on-get-off sightseeing trolleys, walking, or Uber/Lyft (or a combination of all of them). Staying in DC is doable if your budget permits. My husband and I found it better for our budget to stay in Alexandria, get a Metro pass, and use that to go into the city. As for what museums to choose, that of course would depend on your interests. You can even "museum hop" and do the best of several museums in a day or two.

    Boston is another city where you need to pick what you want to do, and either choose to stay in the city or use public transportation to get in/out of said city.

    If you're going to Bar Harbor, I am thinking you want to go to Acadia? Of course depending on when your honeymoon is, you may get to the right season to be a leaf peeper. But Acadia is beautiful in any season. Driving tour on your own, a horse and buggy ride, or even a boat ride out to one of the outlying islands, is all doable.


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    Living around Jacksonville, it is my guess you have a lot of access to typical East Coast beaches. You are also close to the charming Charleston and Savannah. The southern Outer Banks are a little different and less crowded in the fall and the water is still warm all Sept. The coast begins transforming itself north of NY. Although you probably don't have the arcade strips much in FL (maybe Daytona Beach?).

    So one option traveling north is riding the AutoTrain from Sanford, FL to Lorton, VA. From Lorton you are close to many hotels and metro subway access. The train carries your auto (fee ticket) and you buy your tickets for this non-stop ride (i.e., no passenger or auto stops). Seats are wide and roomy or you can splurge for a sleeper car. Ticket includes a dinner and continental breakfast. All trains, north and south, leave at 4pm and arrive around 9am. You check-in your auto between 11a-2p, and it takes 15-75 minutes to unload. Pricing can vary day to day but northbound in the Fall shouldn't be bad.

    NYC is interesting for some people, a turn-off for others. Everyone should check it out at least once but you don't want to drive or park in the city. The drive up the NJ Parkway (toll) usually isn't too bad if you work around rush hours. The NJ transit has trains into NYC.

    Boston has many sites to see in and around the city. Last summer I stayed south of the city and rode the light rail/subway into the city and bought a ticket on a hop-on/off shuttle.

    If you are craft brew drinkers there is a lot to offer north of Mass. in NE and into Maine. Likewise in the Shenandoah Valley and North Carolina. The change of colors season along the Blue Ridge Parkway rivals the worse traffic in the nation!

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