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    I think this line from the article you linked to is probably the most important/relevant:

    damaging thunderstorms may only affect a fraction of this zone and tornadoes are likely to only affect a tiny fraction
    Severe Thunderstorms impact a small area, and usually for a brief period of time. I've never once in my life stopped travel for an entire day because of the chance of a storm. There have been times where I've pulled over and/or stopped for a bit to let a storm pass, but that's something you can judge by paying attention to your surroundings.

    Not to mention, if you're now going through Chicago, then it would seem you'll be traveling north of the area highlighted in the link you provided.

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    Would it be ridiculous to drive I-90 around the storm into upstate NY into Brooklyn? It looks like there are tolls associated with that route.

    If the option is to stay near Chicago again tomorrow night, we might just consider avoiding the whole storm and going through Toronto into Upstate NY. Either way, we’ll be adding another day to our travel time.

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    Point taken. We’ve been through plenty of thunderstorms blinding ours windshields, just never had to deal with a tornado before. Thanks Midwest Michael!

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    If you're thinking of going through Toronto, because it's someplace you want to see, that's great (assuming you are traveling with passports and papers for your dogs), if you're thinking of going that way to avoid storms, then yes, I'd call that fairly ridiculous.

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