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  1. Default Driving from Toronto,Ontario to Kelowna, British Columbia with 80lb Lab!

    Good Morning, I happened to come across this site googling travel Toronto to Kelowna with dog in the USA.
    My husband and I will be retired in September and are spending time with my brother in Kelowna unitl May 2020.
    Any advice where to start would be greatly appreciated, especially with our 80lb lab.

    We don't really have a time frame, nor is there anything specific we are interested in viewing unless it is mentioned.
    We are thinking of crossing into the US from Sarnia/Port Huron and beyond that, not sure.
    Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana and Washington crossing at Oroville???

    Also, we are worried about accommodations with our well-behaved 2 year old lab.

    Thanks for any information!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    My first recommendation would be to get some good maps of the US, or a US/Canadian road atlas, and have a gander at what's between Toronto and Kelowna that looks interesting to you. Offhand, I can think of many, many things but it boils down to what you're interested in.

    There are motels/hotels that allow dogs, though your pup may be at the limit of what some will accept. This is one case where reservations are strongly suggested, because pet-friendly accommodations may have only a few rooms that are designated for pets, and you'll want to have one available to you. Once you get a basic itinerary planned, you can research pet-friendly motels right from this board. Just scroll down to the Motel Finder, and give it your parameters.

    Sight-seeing with Mr. Pup can also be iffy. In National Parks and Monuments, most say pets are fine in the car and on a leash, but don't leave a pet in the car while you go off to see a museum or take a hike on a trail. One or two have a kennel where you can board Mr. Pup for the day. In a city, you can often find a Doggie Day Care that will take Mr. Pup while you go explore a museum or see a show.


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    Default Some Major Scenery

    There are quite a few great natural wonders along, or near, the most direct route from Toronto to Kelowna going via Sarnia/Port Huron. But there's also one major 'obstacle': Lake Michigan. So your first task is to decide how you'd like to get past that. And remember, if this is a round-trip, you can take two different routes, one going west and the other east.

    The most obvious possibility is to head from Sarnia down through Battle Creek and Kalamazoo and go around the south end of Lake Michigan. But this route could involve a lot of traffic as you make your way through Indiana and the southern outskirts of Chicago before finally putting you on I-80 for points west. The middle route would have you heading directly across Michigan to either Muskegon and taking the ferry to Milwaukee or to Ludington and taking the ferry to Manitowok, then continuing west to eventually get on I-90. These routes, especially the one using the Ludington to Manitowok ferry, have the advantage of staying mostly out of big cities and give you the chance to take a restful, albeit expensive, cruise across Lake Michigan. The final option is to head north from Port Huron to Mackinaw City, cross the bridge over to the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan and use US-2 westward into Minnesota and I-94. This is perhaps the most scenic of the three options and short detours would take you to Mackinac Island as well as Pictured Rocks and Apostle Islands National Lakeshores. But everyone has their own tastes and the decision will be yours.

    Farther west, there are two areas that I would strongly suggest you include on one of your cross-country legs. The first is of course Yellowstone National Park. You could easily spend a few days here, not even including the chance to make a spectacular entry into it via the Beartooth Highway, US-212 from Billings. The other is the Rapid City SD area. Now while that is known for Mount Rushmore and how anxious you'd be to see monumental carvings of some of our presidents is open to question, there are several other worthwhile attractions in the area including Wind and Jewel Caves, the Crazy Horse Memorial, and Devils Tower. If you decide to stay farther north, then take a look at including Theodore Roosevelt and Glacier National Parks in the US and Waterton Lakes and perhaps even Banff National Parks in Canada.

    As for the dog, there are several national motel chains that are 'pet friendly', but I'm not sure which ones they are having never stayed at any when I was traveling with my own English Setter. I think that if you just did a web search for 'national motel chains pet policy', you'll find a wide range of options, both in cost and pet friendliness. Just remember that while the chain may have one policy, the individual holder of a specific location (franchise) may have a different one, and it's always good to check directly with the specific motel you plan to stay in. But if one chain meets most of your needs, you should consider joining any frequent guest program they may have and perhaps earn yourselves a free stay or two over the course of your RoadTrip.

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    The two most pet-friendly chains are Motel 6 and La Quinta.

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    Default It's all here.

    In the green tool bar at the top of the page you will find the 'Lodging' link. You can search for 'Pet friendly' hotels there by selecting your options on the left of the page and compare costs in each City you select.

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    Default Furthermore....

    When it comes to maps, you should be able to get detailed maps of the States through which you will be travelling from CAA - free if you are members.

    US-2 across Minnesota will take you near the head waters of the Mississippi, and is an interesting and scenic route for the most part to Washington. As is US-12 Across Montana and Idaho, into Washington State. You will find scenic routes marked on CAA ,maps and in Rand McNally.

    But heck, the route from Ontario to Kelowna through Canada is a wonderful route as well, with several national parks and any number of scenic options.


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