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  1. Default How steep are the grades btw ashville nc an Indy

    I'm getting ready to tow a 12,000 lb 5th wheel with my dodge 2500 from ashville to Indy. How bad are the grades on I-26/40/75?

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    All Interstates are designed with gradual grades and curves to cater for the biggest of rigs. Here is an answer to a similar question in another thread.

    The steepest grades on the Interstate System are:

    I-70 between the Eisenhower Tunnel and Silverthorne: 7%
    I-84 east of Pendleton OR: 6%
    I-24/I-64 over Monteagle Mtn TN: 8%

    Otherwise, as long as you stick to the Interstate Highway System most grades should be 5% or less, but a 5% grade is not considered noteworthy, so you'll have trouble finding a listing of all the places where you would encounter such a grade.
    You don't say what year or model your Dodge is but presumably you have checked your towing capacity limits as some appear to be under the 12000lb you mention.

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    There are 2 ways to get from Asheville to Knoxville - I-26/I-81/I-40 or I-40 all the way.I have not driven I-26 but I have driven I-40. I do not like I-40 because not only is it hilly, it's narrow and very winding. I would assume I-26 would be an easier drive, notwithstanding grades, because it's a lot newer road. I-26/81 also is about 50 miles longer.

    You will have a long grade on I-75 up to the Kentucky state line.

    Note - I recommend you go via Cincy instead of Louisville to avoid the toll bridge. Distance and time is a wash.

    If you have a diesel, you won't have issues. If it's a gas Hemi, it shouldn't be too bad.

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