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    We will be traveling from NJ to Acadia in July and have 7-10 days. We don't want to drive it all in one shot, but rather stop along the way there and back to see some other sites staying overnight at airbnb places. Ultimately we will likely stay in Acadia for 3-4 days, but that leaves time to explore some other things. We enjoy going to wineries, hiking, and some sight seeing. What do you recommend?

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    If you take a full 10 days for the trip, and spend a full four days in the Bar Harbor area, then you would still have three days for each drive, up (although you'll be going 'down' East) and back. What I'd suggest is that on one leg, you take a little more time and swing well wide around New York City. Described northeast bound, you'd head up through the Delaware Water Gap to the Finger Lakes wineries, then proceed through Albany and the Green Mountain National Forest, perhaps Plymouth VT, and the White Mountain National Forest including Mount Washington to Bar Harbor. The other recommended route (described southwest bound) would have you following the coast with possible stops at Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth, Salem and Old Sturbridge Village. I would also still swing well around NYC (unless you live in Newark or thereabouts). I've described the particular route I favor elsewhere. The first possible route is a fair bit longer than the second so you might want to schedule a bit more time for that if you decide to go that way.


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