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    Default Avoiding DC/Baltimore traffic from Dutchess County, NY to Laurinburg, NC

    I asked for a route to avoid DC traffic and I-95 last year; I received great advice and a beautiful scenic route but cannot remember the
    exact trip. It was from I-84 to 81S, somewhere on the way there was US 220, 73 or 74. I think there was a 66 or 63 in there somewhere also.
    We stopped in Staunton, VA on our way. I absolutely loved the drive!! I am planning to go again two days after Memorial Day and would love to get the route down again.
    Anyone know it?
    Thank you for your help.

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    I found my old post with the reply from AZBuck. Thanks!

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    Default Trading Miles for Smiles

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    It's not just Baltimore and Washington that you'll want to avoid, it's also the New York City metropolitan area, Philadelphia, Richmond and all the toll roads that are part of the BosWash Corridor. Fortunately, there is a way to do all that as well as have a scenic drive. And while the alternative will add about 60 miles to your trip, since even taking the 'short' route would require an overnight stop that is a price I'd be more than willing to pay.

    What you would do is to get on I-84 west around Newburgh, take that to Scranton PA and then take I-81 south to Staunton VA. There, get on I-64 east. The next part is a bit tricky but could easily be the most scenic and relaxing part of the drive. Take Exit 99 from I-64 onto US-250 east and follow that for one and a half miles to VA-6 south. Stay on that to Wood Mill and US-29 south which will take you to Greensboro NC and eventually merges with US70/US-220/I-85 on its way to I-73/I-74 south to Laurinburg.

    There will be plenty of opportunities for short side trips as I-81 follows the Great Valley and the Appalachians, and you can take your overnight almost anywhere between Harrisburg PA and Harrisonburg VA that suits you and fits with what you may want to see and how you want to split up the two legs, but you will need to spend one night off the road.


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