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    I am planning a solo road trip from central Wisconsin to Sanibel Island. Most scenic route? Cool, quirky things to see along the way? Also nature type things-great hikes, waterfalls, lakes to SUP? TIA!

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    Hi, welcome to RTA!

    It would help us if we know how long you have to make the trip. It's about 1650 miles (I used Eau Claire to get that number), which means 3 long days in the car or 4 shorter ones. Four days would allow you to stop somewhere for an hour or two each day; three days means mostly through your windshield, or stop, take a picture, and get back in your vehicle.

    Are you camping or staying in lodging?


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm a bit confused about your destination - your title says you're going to the Florida Keys, but your post says you're going to Sanibel Island - which is about 200 miles away from the Keys.

    It would help if you could clear that up - as you're looking different routes for those two different places. Knowing how much time you've got and any places you already know you want to visit would also go a long way towards helping us offer some suggestions.

    On a direct route to Florida, Land Between the Lakes on the KY/TN State Line and Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga are two good easy detours with Nature/Hiking possibilities. However, if you've got more time, and you don't have to take a direct route, your options are wide open - you could certainly follow the Appalachian Mountains with tons of hiking/waterfalls/lakes/etc possibilities.

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    Sweetwater Tennessee: The Lost Sea

    Chattanooga Tennessee: Rock City and Ruby Falls.

    Key West: High Speed Ferry to Dry Tortugas National Park

    Warning: the Dry Tortugas ferry sells out months in advance, especially for overnight camping! Make reservations as soon as possible. FORGET about just showing up at the dock!

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    Once you are on Sanibel Island, you should definitely visit the Lighthouse beach where you can not only sunbathe and swim but also visit an old lighthouse. I also strongly recommend you to take a walk along other Sanibel beaches, they are marvellous!
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