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    Hello all, this is my first post and I welcome all the feedback and appreciate it. I will be moving to Portland OR from Fort Wayne IN. I'm leaving May 29 in the A.M. I plan on making the trip in 4 days. I drive semi locally so I am use to driving long hours and miles in a day. I am sure I could do it in 3 days but I am in no rush. It looks like I-80/84 would be the best route but I am not sure. I will be driving a 16 foot box truck and towing my small civic behind me. Im single with no kids. Where would be the best cities to stop in to rest and also possible cheap hotels.
    Are there any attractions I should not miss on my trip. Possibly a quick stop and pictures. I think that's it thanks.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    4 days is the MINIMUM amount of time to safely make this trip, it's almost 2300 miles. 3 days is unsafe, whether you are driving a car or a truck. Professional drivers are limited by law to 600 miles or 11 hours a day for good reasons.

    Take US-30 to the Chicago area (the way I avoid the Merrillville traffic is take IN-49 north from Valparaiso to I-94), then I-80 and I-84. Splitting it into 4 roughly equal 550 to 600 mile segments, stops would be about halfway between Des Moines and Omaha, Cheyenne, and Twin Falls. Cheyenne and Twin Falls should have a good selection of services. I see some lower priced hotels between Des Moines and Omaha at the exits for smaller towns - Super 8, Days Inn, Econo Lodge, Motel 6 among others. Google Maps on a PC will find them for you, zoom to the area you want and click on Hotels.

    You will have one toll in IL where I-80 and I-294 split. It should be in the $3 neighborhood. I do hope you are going to be using a trailer and not a dolly. Dollies cannot be backed up which can be very inconvenient on a long trip, I would only use one for a local tow.

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    Default Agreed.

    I agree with glc with regards to 4 days being a minimum requirement for this trip and even that is going to be pretty tough towing with a box truck. With appropriate rest stops you will still be looking at 11 hours plus on the road each day so get an early start each morning and be off the road at a reasonable hour to relax and get a good nights sleep. (Don't let Google map times fool you, they are not realistic !) You need to treat this as a marathon and not a sprint, pushing too far on day 1 will only have you starting to crash sometime through day 2, split it our equally. When looking for lodgings try and settle down to the est of any major city's so that when you head out in the morning you are heading in the opposite direction of the main work rush.

    You can use the RTA lodging link to check availability and location of Motels along the way.

    Safe travels !

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