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  1. Default Heber AZ to Wymore NE

    Hello! We will be driving from Heber to Wymore next month and Iím struggling with the best route to get there. Mapquest is saying the quickest way is to take the 40 through NM and then take Highway 54 up through Kansas. The only problem is that Iím not finding any larger towns that have Laquinta hotels in them to stay overnight somewhere along the way. We will have our dog and have found that that chain is the easiest to stay at with him. Do we take a longer route and go through Denver or another major city? Thank you!

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    Default There are Always Options

    There are at least three different possible routes. All three utilize I-40 to Albuquerque. The southernmost route stays on I-40 to Tucumcari NM and then takes US-54 northeast, eventually stepping north to US-50/US-283/US-56/KS-156 to I-70 and finally KS-15/US-36/US-77 to Wymore.

    The middle route takes I-25 out of Albuquerque to Springer where you'd take US-56 west to KS-156 and then as above, while the northern route continues up I-25 to Trinidad and then US-160/US-350 to La Junta CO and then US-50 to Granada and US-385 north to US-40 east before stepping northeast on US-83/US-24/US-183/US-36.

    La Quinta lists it's locations on its website, and it might be easier to see where they are and adjust your route accordingly. If you're going to do this in two days, then you only need one location somewhere near the mid-point of your trip. If you're going to take three or more days, then again you'd have to adjust accordingly.


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    Default You can find what you need on RTA Lodging link.

    How many nights do you plan on stopping ? The trip could be done in 2 days and one example of a La Quinta is here through the RTA reservations page. It's in Trinidad CO which is just under half way. There is also one in Dalhart TX on US54. If you use the RTA reservation link above you can use the left side to select 'Pet friendly' and enter the towns you may think will work for you and check the availability and cost.

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    Springer where you'd take US-56 west
    I believe you mean east. That "middle" route should be fastest. Note that there are other pet-friendly hotels besides La Quinta.

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    As Dave mentioned, there are La Quinta options in both Dalhart TX - which would be a good stopping point if you're taking US-54, or Trinidad CO if you decide to stick to the Interstates.

    Taking the Interstate is a perfectly good option - even if a computer doesn't suggest it - and could make the travel a bit easier, and probably isn't going to impact your travel time all that much.

    If you take the interstates using I-25, I wouldn't go through Denver, use US-24 at Colorado Springs to cut over to I-70. Another option would be to take I-40 all the way to OKC and then head straight north on I-35. Those 2 options are pretty similar in terms of distance - both being 2 long days on the road.

    If you take I-40 to OKC option, then Amarillo would be a good stopping point, which also has a La Quinta.

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    Though as mentioned, there are other chains that accept pets (Motel 6 being the most common), I understand that you might be on the La Quinta Returns program and wish to save up your points for a free night. Nothing wrong with that!

    I will also add that the US-24 "cut off" will save you a LOT of traffic in the Denver Metro area. It will also save you gas and tolls, as the "belt line" around Denver's east side (through Centennial and Aurora) is one of those kinds of toll roads where they take a picture of your license plate and mail you the bill later.

    My brother took the 40 (after using 17 to get from the Valley of the Sun up to Flagstaff) to Tucumcari, just about a month ago, and then the 54 and the 56. His destination was Salina, KS. He and our mom both declared those to be beautiful roads, and that there were some fairly decent rest areas along the way ... important for both humans and dogs! He went into Salina by the back roads, but once at Great Bend, he knew all of the little back roads to use and which ones to avoid in the U-Haul truck he was driving.



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