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  1. Default Dallas to San Francisco- April 2019- 4 days Trip

    I need to move San-Francisco ASAP from Dallas. I have never done such a long drive before and I will be driving with 2 more drivers. I have a 2015 Toyota Camry 4-door sedan with around 20k miles on it. I'll probably be driving in the mid to late April.

    Based on our research, we think that this route will be good. But, not sure where to stop overnight?

    Day1. Dallas to Hobbs, NM(This destination is very close to Dallas as we can leave dallas around 10-11AM)

    Day2. Hobbs, NM to White Sand Monuments National, spend some time there
    and then reach to some place near Grand Canyon South Rim

    Day3. Start from hotel and Reach Grand Canyon Visitor Center, S Entrance Rd, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023 in morning, spend some hours there and reach some hotel near to Hoover Dam Access Rd, Nevada 89005

    Day4. Start from hotel and reach Hoover Dam Access Rd, Nevada 89005 in morning, spend some time there and leave for San Francisco, CA

    Considering this situation, and the time of the year:-
    Considered road trip attractions are good enough or there is some better options available?
    And, Is this the best route to take?

    Any suggestions appreciated!
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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I think you are underestimating drive times and/or distance of the trip. The route you have chosen would require around 9 hours a day of driving with just basic rest stops and before any sight seeing and Hobbs NM isn't far enough on your first day really. I would forget about White sands NM and take a direct route to Grand canyon if you want a little bit of time there. That's a 2 day drive with Santa Rosa NM being a midway point. You could then spend some time at the Grand canyon and make your way to Barstow for the night to break the journey to San Fran. If you really wanted to take a quick look at the Hoover Dam you would have to stop over around Henderson/South Las Vegas and have a long drive into SF.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    How did you come up with your stopping points, especially at the start.

    Dallas to Hobbs is only 400 miles, which is a pretty easy day on the road (are you planning to start first thing in the AM here?)

    But then Hobbs to the Grand Canyon, via White Sands is almost 850 miles. Even if you were thinking of stopping someplace like Flagstaff, you're still looking at about 800 miles - that's about 15 hours on the road (before you even think about exploring white sands) and way too much for a single day.

    As it is, Dallas to Grand Canyon is over 1,000 miles, and is 2 full days all by itself, so I think your better bet would be to head straight there. Take US-287 to Amarillo then I-40 westward. Santa Rosa NM would be about halfway and a good stopping point. There are also other National Parks, like Petrified Forest, that could make decent, short, stops to break up the trip.

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    Dave is smack on regarding the time and distance measures for your trip. Just the drive to the places you've listed, White Sands, Grand Canyon, and Hoover Dam is over 2,000 miles and that is a solid four days of work. But that's without spending any time at all at those sites - just getting to them! I would strongly suggest that you drop at least two of your three stated en route goals, make as direct a drive as possible between Big D and San Fran, and enjoy your one major stop and a few other short stops near the Interstates.

    Since you'll need to keep the route as short as possible, it seems that you should drop White Sands and Hoover Dam, since they require the longest detours from the most direct route. That also leaves you a world-class attraction as your main stopping point on the trip. So I'd suggest you take US-287 northwest out of Fort Worth to Amarillo and get on I-40 west. Take that to just east of Flagstaff and use US-89 north to Cameron AZ-64 west into the national park and along the South Rim of the Canyon. There will be numerous pull-offs over the next 30-40 miles of that road to Grand Canyon Village where it turns southward and re-joins I-40 at Williams. Then just stay on I-40 to I-5 north up into the Bay Area; I-580 will take you into San Francisco by way of the Oakland Bay Bridge.

    Overnight stops using the above route would be roughly Santa Rosa, NM; Flagstaff, AZ; and Needles, CA. That would make your three main driving days each between 500-550 miles which is quite sustainable, while leaving you 3-4 hours to spend viewing and hiking the Grand Canyon between Flagstaff and Needles. But that's really all the spare time you have on a trip of this magnitude over four days.


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    If you are moving from DFW to SF and only have 4 days to do it, you only have 1 day to play with. Just to do the drive is over 1700 miles, which is 3 days of just driving. My suggestion would be to spend the first night in Santa Rosa, as already indicated (via US-287 and I-40), then the second night just outside the Grand Canyon. You will not have time to go to White Sands. The closest lodging is in Tusayan, which is just outside the south entrance (or in Cameron at the Cameron Trading Post outside the east entrance). Spend the next day in the Grand Canyon, leaving early enough to make it to Needles for the night. Needles to SF (via I-40/CA-58/CA-99/CA-46/I-5) is a full day and it will NOT take you over the Hoover Dam. You can always visit the dam on a long weekend trip from SF at a later date.

    There are a few ways to get into SF from I-5, depending on exactly where you are going. You can take I-580 to the Bay Bridge, or CA-152 to US-101 into the city, or US-101 to CA-85 to I-280.

  6. Default Revised Plan based on suggestions.

    Thanks guys for all your suggestions. I have revised the trip Itenary based on suggestions. Please provide the feedback again.

    Starting Point- Richardson, Dallas,Texas
    Final Destination- Fremont, CA
    Duration- 4 Days

    Start Point- Richardson, Dallas around 10-11AM
    Night Stop- Amarillo can try to stretch upto San Jon or Santa Rosa
    Route- US-287 northwest out of Fort Worth to Amarillo and get on I-40 west

    Stat Point- Amarillo,TX or San Jon,TX or Santa Rosa around 7-9AM
    Night stop Point- Flagstaff, AZ
    Route- Via I-40 West

    Start Point- Flagstaff, AZ around 7-9AM
    Reach Grand Canyon via US-180 to AZ-64N(Stop for some hours)
    Leave from Grand Canyon via I-40 W to US93S
    Night Stop- Kingsman or Needles

    Start Point- Kingsman or Needles around 7-9AM
    Option1- Go to Hoover Dam via US-93 N and then go to Fremont,CA via I-15S, CA-58 W/CA-33 N, US-101, I-880N
    Option2- Go to Fremont via I-40 W, CA-58W, I-5N to CA-152W/CA 33N, US-101, I-880N
    Final Destination- Fremont, CA

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    Default Better.

    Santa Jon doesn't look to have much in the way of lodgings but you need to get a little further than Amarillo. Vega TX has a couple of lodging options and would be just far enough to get you into Flagstaff the next night. Try and start early(ish) the next morning but instead of taking 180 to Grand canyon, head North on US89 and enter the Grand canyon via the east kiosk on AZ64 which will take you along Desertview drive where there are many viewpoints you would otherwise miss. You will not have the option of visiting the Hoover Dam from Kingman or Needles, it's just too much on that last day. The only way to include it would be to go to Hoover Dam on the same day as the Grand canyon as I previously mentioned. Is it worth it ? I don't think so, it will take away precious time at the Grand canyon and leave you a huge drive the following day leaving you rushed and tired for no more than a peak at the dam. Enjoy the drive with plenty of short stops by not overextending yourselves and have at least some time to enjoy the natural wonder that is the Grand canyon. An overnight in Needles would be a better option for the final days drive to your destination.

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