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    Hi, I'm Tina Sinaga from Indonesia...

    It's my first time on RTA and I've been looking for similar road trips to help me

    We (Me, Husband and 1 daughter 20 YO) are planning for an early June trip. We start in San Francisco and then make our way to Yosemite, Las Vegas, Antelope Canyon (Upper & Lower), Aneheim for Disney Land and end in Los Angeles for our flight back to Jakarta. I'm from Indonesia and have never been on a road trip in the US. I've outlined my concerns below:

    1. What would be the best route? We will have 9 days.

    2. How many days should we spend in each stop?

    Day 1 - Leave SF in morning, arrive in Yosemite and explore Yosemite

    Day 2 - Yosemite, early morning to Vegas

    Day 3 - Vegas

    Day 4 - Vegas to Page, Arizona (early morning)

    Day 5 - Lower Antelope, Horseshoe Bend, Upper Antelope

    Day 6 - Leave for Aneheim in the morning

    Day 7 - Disney Land

    Day 8 - Explore Aneheim - LA

    Day 9 - Fly back to Jakarta (3.30 PM)

    I still need to research more on what we can do at each stop

    3. Are there any better areas to visit (or visit along the way)? I've seen threads similar to mine that mention Big Sur, Lake Tahoe. If so, would we be able to pass by them with the schedule we have ?

    Thank you in advance for all the help! This website is a life-saver, especially for a foreigner like me

    Tina Sinaga

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    Welcome to RTA!

    A few questions for you, and why I ask:

    When is this trip? Reason I ask is because of the possibility of Tioga Road being open in Yosemite, to shorten your trip from there to Las Vegas. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to "see Yosemite" in the morning and then try to drive 500 miles down to LV.

    Bear in mind that you need a tour time in Antelope, the way I understand it. On Day 6, you will need the full day to travel from there to Anaheim, no matter which way you decide to go. (You could go south to Flagstaff then west on I-40 then south on I-15, or just go back through Las Vegas.)

    The final question -- is Day 1 also the day you fly in from Jakarta? If it is, that would change this whole plan. It's a good 5 hour drive from San Francisco International out to Yosemite. To do that after spending so many hours on a plane, then going through Customs, getting your rental, and having jet lag, you'd be best off reconfiguring the plan to leave on Day 2. If Day 1 is actually your 2nd day in the US (or later), keep in mind the other things that I asked and told you.


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    Default Quite rushed.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It looks as though you are underestimating the size of the USA and how many miles you have to cover. You will have little time to explore Yosemite as it's likely to take at least 5 hours from San Fran and then to get to Vegas is a full days drive. There is also a good chance you will have to go around the mountains to get to Vegas as the most direct route on CA120 (Tioga pass) over the Sierra Nevada is likely to still be closed due to winter snow accumulation in early June this year. From Page AZ to Anaheim CA is going to take at least 10 hours of driving and possibly longer if you arrive in the evening rush hour. Your trip is not impossible but it could be a classic case of when less is more and you allow yourself time to enjoy places you visit. I would consider spending an extra night in Yosemite and take an overnight stop on route to Vegas and consider skipping Page AZ this time around, or fly into Vegas and not visit Yosemite, then perhaps you could visit Zion NP on route to Page and Grand canyon on route to LA.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you might be pushing things too much as it is. As it is, your trip mostly looks like: spend all day driving, try to see a lot of things the next day, spend all of the following day driving again (repeat). Nothing you've listed is impossible, but put all together, it really sounds quite exhausting.

    Some additional concerns: When do you arrive in San Francisco? You probably want at least 1 day to recover from jetlag, in addition to whatever time you want to see the city. If your arrival day is "day 1" or even "day 0," then you should probably plan for more time in SF.

    You've given yourself almost no time in Yosemite. It's going to take you half a day to drive there, so at most you've got a half day there, and it really deserves at least a full day, if not 2. Also, in early June, there is a chance that Tioga Pass won't be open yet, which means you'd have to drive around via Bakersfield.

    If it is open, then I'd think you'd want to make some time to explore Death Valley, which would be right along your way.

    I also find it interesting that you're planning to go to Antelope Canyon (which does require guided tours) but you haven't included the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is closer, although either stop adds quite a few miles and might be a stop to save for another time.

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    Hi All, thanks for your suggestions

    Day 1 is starting day of road trip after stay 3nights in SF. Roadtrip start on 7 June

    Dave, I'll take your advice skip Antelope Canyon and revise itinerary as follows :

    Day 1 - Leave SF in morning, arrive in Yosemite

    Day 2 – Yosemite (Full Day)

    Day 3 – Yosemite to ……

    Day 4 - …….. to Vegas

    Day 5 - Vegas

    Day 6 – Vegas to Aneheim in the morning

    Day 7 - Disney Land

    Day 8 - Explore Aneheim - LA

    Day 9 - Fly back to Jakarta (3.30 PM)

    Could you advise itinerary on Day 3 and 4 or welcome for any input/suggestions to change the itinerary


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    If the Tioga pass were open I would use that to cross the mountains and stay in Bishop and then go across Death valley to Vegas. However it is looking unlikely at the moment so you could look at visiting Sequoia NP even though it would mainly be a drive through and stop over nearby and then to Vegas.

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    thanks Dave...

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