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  1. Default Quick run from LA to Seattle

    Maybe not exactly a Spring roadtrip, but it will be in Spring and I will be on a trip using the road. Does that count?

    I'm taking a car I bought in LA back to the Seattle are on April 14th (2-day speed run) and was curious to see if anyone knew of any gotchas to avoid, using shortest, I-5 route. What I am looking for is suggestions on where to get gas (so there are not really long stretches (>50 miles) with no gas stations, places to grab something quick to eat and great places to get out and stretch my legs along the way. Appreciate all suggestions!

    First day LA to Medford, OR, 2nd day = the rest.

    I know this means likely 9-10 hours of driving each day, but I am willing to do it. Last time I did it was 25 years ago!

    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to The RTA forum.

    This is certainly doable in two days, but I'd strongly recommend stopping around Redding, which is much closer to halfway, and much more likely to be two 10 hour days in The road.

    Medford is nearly 700 miles, and would be closer to 13 hours on the road, more than is recommended and more than professional drivers are allowed under safety laws.

    For gas, there no extremely long sections without gas, but it's always good to fill up by the time you're down to 1/4 tank. Gas buddy is a good site/app to help you find the cheapest places to fill up.

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    I would plan on buying just enough gas in CA to make it to OR (with a safety margin of course), it's 50 cents cheaper and they pump it for you too. Just don't fill up in CA near the border, get a partial tank if you don't have enough to make it to Ashland. Gas Buddy says the Valero in Ashland is $3.09 for regular today. Farther north, there is some under $3.

    There's plenty of gas and fast food at most I-5 exits near most towns.

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    Default It's Work

    I just want to reiterate what Michael said. This is eminently doable as a two-day speed run, but it has to be approached as work and with your safety, and that of the people who will perforce be sharing the road with you, being your foremost consideration. Medford is simply too far to attempt on the first day. You're going to 'lose' time getting out of L.A. to begin with. Top that off with not hitting a bed for another 13 hours -at a minimum - after you get up, pack, and finally hit the road, and you've got a recipe for putting yourself well behind the 8-ball on Day 2. You'd be much better off splitting the two work days equally, taking your time, and taking several short breaks each day for some fresh air and exercise, and to refocus both your eyes and mind from the 'white line hypnosis' that is the bane of all long-haul drivers. all of that will make the work of driving seem more like fun rather than turning what should be a pleasurable experience into a death march.


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    Have done that run a few times, albeit from San Diego. When the folks above said "Redding, no further," my husband and I concur! Medford is way too long a run. There are some decent choices for places to stay in Redding, most of them at exits 677 and 678. There are loads of choices at each of those for dinner, too, and most places offer some form of a breakfast in the morning.

    As far as "gotcha's" are concerned, you may be talking about known speed traps. Offhand I can't think of any, but put your cruise control right on the speed limit and don't try to find out! There can be a LOT of traffic on the 5 between LA and the intersection of 80 just east of the Bay Area. Keep that in mind as you travel.

    My husband and I like to be at the Grapevine by daybreak, only because there seems to be less traffic on it at that time of the day.

    Yes, fuel is MUCH cheaper in OR than in CA. Ashland is a good place for gas -- Gas Buddy will lead you to the more reasonably priced fuel, as someone previously pointed out.

    If you have a chance and need to stop for a breather or a pit stop, use the rest area at Valley of the Rogue State Park, exit 45b in Oregon. It's a lovely park, nice for a stretch of the legs! It will also relieve your eyes for a bit from that hypnosis that AZBuck mentioned.

    Hubby and I personally love the drive up there, particularly from about Redding on further north.


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    Is this quite a new vehicle with all servicing up to date ? Collecting a car that's new to you and one that your not that familiar with (?) means you may have to allow a bit of time to check all the fluids, tyre pressures and general road condition before you set off on a long journey. It all takes up time so like the others have said, cut back on the miles on day one and get familiar with your new ride without having to push too hard.

    Safe travels !

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