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    Hi Everyone. This is my first time posting on a site like this. I am hoping to get some advice on how to best coordinate a trip that my family and I are planning to take starting May 23 from Columbus Ga to Disneyland. We would like to make several stops along they way and have between 14 and 16 days for this trip. We were planning on starting the trips by making stops In New Orleans, Houston and San Antonio. From there we were going to drive straight to Disneyland making one overnight stop to rest somewhere. We will be in Disneyland for 4 nights then wanted to go to San Francisco for 2 nights. San Francisco to the Grand Canyon for 2 nights was my next plan but I am stuck from there on where to stop on the remainder of the drive back. Is this too much in the amount of time allotted? I forgot to mention it will be my husband with me along with my 70 year old mom and 2 kids (4 and 8). Any help would be greatly appreciated. We love road trips but this will be our longest one so far. Thanks so much! I am open to changing routes and plans if necessary.

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    Default Tough going for the family.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    So far you have about 10 full days of driving that won't be a whole lot of fun for your mum or Kids at 9-10 hours per day in a car. Then we have 8 or 9 days to spend at Disneyland, San Francisco and the Grand canyon so we are already looking at 18 days. I think you are underestimating distances and the time it will take to cover them. San Antonio to LA is 1350 miles and is really too much to do in 2 days with a family to consider and San Francisco to the Grand canyon is not possible in one day and requires an overnight stop. I really think you need to reassess your plans somehow. Is flying out west and back while doing a road trip and Disneyland visit combined an option ? If not I think the very least you would have to do is drop San Francisco and/or find more time. 550 miles per day is the maximum you should aim for but these will be very work like and tedious for the family, 350 miles makes it more bearable with time out of the car for short sightseeing breaks.

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    I remember those wonderful vacations as a child. We would travel from Detroit to Florida, or South Dakota, or Denver. or Yellowstone. They were all great and memorable trips.

    Then one year my Father overdid it and we drove all the way to northern California and down to Disneyland and even to Mexico for a day. Drive, drive, drive. It was too much for our family of seven! We were constantly complaining and fighting. We just wanted to go home.

    I know my Dad was just trying his best to show us as much of this great country as possible, but we all learned that oftentimes quality is more important than quantity.

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