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    Hi me and my family well be taking a summer Road trip from Connecticut to Denver Colorado and I was wondering if anyone had any good information on what routes to take and he stops I will be going for a weekend and will be the last week of July

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    Default How much time do you actually have?

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    We have several questions for you before we can even begin to provide any useful information. You say you're going for a weekend. I'm assuming that means you plan to drive to Denver, spend a couple of days, and then drive back to Connecticut? You haven't said where in Connecticut you're starting from, but that won't make a huge difference. The drive to Denver is going to be around 1900 miles, regardless of which route you use, and that's a minimum of three and a half days on the road in each direction--and that's 3.5 days of doing nothing but driving! Add your two days in Denver, you're up to 9 days altogether, and 7 of those days will be in the car--driving, driving, and driving, all on the Interstate highway. Depending on whether your family includes children, that's a lot to ask of them!

    So--how much time have you set aside for this road trip? If it's only a single week, you've set yourself an impossible task. If it's more than 9 days, we may be able to help you find some interesting stops to break up all of those long days in the car. If this sounds like more trouble than you anticipated, you might consider flying back and forth to Denver, and perhaps renting a car while you're there?


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    We will be leaving on July 22 and coming back on the 29 leaving from new London Connecticut we are a family of 3 me my wife and son is 8 I'm not sure which route is better route 70 or Route 80

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    Rt70 or rt80

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    If you are leaving on the 22nd and have to be back on the 29th, you will only be in Denver from noon on the 25th till noon on the 26th. Is it really worth it?

    If you are leaving Denver on the 29th, you won't be back home till noon on August 1.

    Take CT-9 to Middletown, then CT-66 to I-691 to I-84. Take that to Scranton, then I-81 to I-80 to Youngstown OH. Take I-76 to I-71 to I-70 to Denver. Look for overnights around Youngstown, STL, and Hays KS. On the return trip, overnights around KC, Indy, and Hazleton PA.

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    Default Time Moves Inexorably On

    As Rick noted in his initial response, at the absolute minimum, it is going to take you 3½ days each way for 7 days total just driving. That would leave you a grand total of one (exhausted) evening, a night's sleep, and a morning in Denver before you have to turn around and make the drive home. I just don't see how this trip is worth it. And it really doesn't matter much whether you you use I-95/I-80/I-76 or I-95/I-78/I-76/I-70. Neither gives you much time in Denver, they both involve significant tolls, they both go through large metropolitan areas with lots of traffic, and you will hit at least one or two of those big cities at rush hour.


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    If this is meant to be a family break and not business, I too would ask if it's worth it. It certainly won't be a whole lot of fun for your son being sat in a car for 10 hours a day with only short breaks in between. I'm not sure if there is a 'best' route (other than the quickest in this case as described above) but if the trip has to be done then I would use both options, one in each direction. If this is a family break I would look at flying into Denver and renting a car to explore the area, even if it meant making it a 4-5 day trip to help with the budget.

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    Okay so you guys make a valid point I think I might bum the date up to Saturday July 20th to give more time what do you guys think would be a significant amount of money for a budget I was thinking between 3000 and $4,000

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    I would say that's a healthy budget at around $400 per day.

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    The budget sounds right if you only need one motel room per night and you choose reasonably priced lodging.

    If you leave on Saturday 20th, you'll arrive in Denver on Tuesday 23rd about noon. Then, to be home on Monday the 29th, you'll have to leave Denver on Friday 26th about noon. That would get you home the evening of the 29th. If you have to be home and back to work on the 29th, you'll have to leave Denver on Thursday at noon.

    If I were you, I'd compare that to the cost of flying, overnights and meals. It may surprise you and work out at about the same, and flying would give you more time in Denver.

    If you decide anyway to drive, and you take GLC's suggestions of where to overnight, be sure you stay on the far side of the city so you won't have to face the traffic on weekday mornings. That would mean on the Missouri side of St Louis (perhaps near O'Fallon or Wentzville), because that would be a Sunday night. If you have to make KC on a Thursday night, stay on the Missouri side (near Independence). Hays KS has a nice Sleep Inn, we stayed there this past summer and liked the place -- pool and fitness room available.


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