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    Hi all! We will be making the road trip from San Antonio, TX to Los Angeles, CA in June. We can allocate about 2 weeks for the one way trip. We will also have 2 kids ages 4 and 1.5. Any recommendations on routes to take, places to stop, and tips? Itíll be our first long road trip. Hubby is relocating. Thank you so much in advance!

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    By the most direct route, this is about a 3-4 day drive, so you've got a little time. Remember that the kids will be too young to remember much of anything.

    Tips for traveling with kiddos: pack a little backpack with small toys for the vehicle, and don't forget a pack-n-play of some sort for the little one at the overnight places. Kids love to run and stretch their legs after being cooped up in a car seat for a couple of hours, so you could find a public park or similar once or twice a day! I would also have their favorite foods and snacks along, because sometimes kids don't eat well in strange places.

    You should take a good look at a US map and see what appeals to you that looks reasonably between TX and LA. For places to stop, we don't have any idea of what interests you! Along the most direct route, there's Carlsbad Caverns National Park in southern New Mexico, Guadalupe Mountains National Park not far from there. Near Tucson is Saguaro National Park -- both the east and the west divisions. Phoenix has any number of attractions, many of them indoors which is good because it's usually around 100 in June.

    You could feasibly head to I-40 somewhere and then get up to the Grand Canyon. From there, it's about 500 miles to Los Angeles.

    You can't do it all, but you can choose what appeals.


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    Default 14 Sunday Drives or a Few Vacations

    I think Donna is spot on that your kids won't remember any of this. The four-year-old might remember a few snippets, but mostly I think (s)he'll just remember any images or videos you capture. So I also agree with Donna that you should be looking for an overall style and route that appeal to the two adults and then make that as pleasant for the children as possible.

    There are a couple of possible travel styles you might want to consider. As alluded to in the title, you could just plan on, very generally, driving about 150 miles a day and see whatever the road has to offer - small town parks and playgrounds for the kids, the occasional larger state or national park for the adults, your favorite restaurants, etc. I'm not so sure that would work too well for you close to home or through much of west Texas, but it's something to consider at one extreme.

    At the other end of the travel spectrum would be to pick out three or four areas that you'd really like to explore a bit, rent vacation homes there, and just settle down for 4 days or so at each of them. This might be the easiest on the kids as they'd get to sleep in the same bed for several nights in a row rather than moving each night. Since Donna mentioned the Grand Canyon as a possibility, I'll just point out that there are several other attractions within day-trip distance of Flagstaff including Walnut Canyon National Monument (NM), the Museum of Northern Arizona (Native American), Sunset Crater Volcano NM, Wupatki NM, and you can visit the canyon itself by rail from Williams. Albuquerque/Santa Fe might be another area that both you and the children might enjoy spending some time in, as might also (perhaps surprisingly) Las Veags.

    And, of course, you can mix and match those two different travel styles as you see fit. Other general tips would include planning on buying an America the Beautiful Pass at the first national park or monument that you come to that charges to enter. The pass is good for a year for entry into all such facilities, but doesn't cover fees such as camping. And your oldest might just be eligible for the Junior Ranger Program which is a set of park specific activities (s)he can perform to learn more about the park and earn badges and other souvenirs.


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