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    Winter isn't really gone until June in eastern Colorado. We can, and usually do, get snowstorms in May. Daytime temperatures will be above freezing except during snowstorms but night temps will still go into the 20F range potentially into mid-May. (thus the winterizing advice).

    Perhaps the RV company just needed someone to reposition their unit and they aren't being very forthcoming about the situation?

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    Default The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

    You'll need to check each park separately, of course, and it will depend on you pace and where you want to stay on any given night, but I did check the weather forecast for the Rapid City area, and overnight lows are predicted to be (slightly) below freezing pretty much every night for the next two weeks, so it looks like you'll have to go with a 'winterized' RV as other responders have described. I also checked a couple of parks and Badlands NP has two campgrounds open but Picture Rocks National Lakeshore sites don't open until May. As noted, at best you're going to be boondocking with neither fresh water nor a septic system. This is going to be an adventure at best, but that also means that you will have however many of of these amazing parks you decide to visit largely to yourself.


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    Default Hi, we will do our first relocation trip this Tuesday ........................

    Quote Originally Posted by DonnaR57 View Post

    Just curious, why an RV at this time of year?

    The RV is being relocated, and no doubt a free or very cheap deal. felamichel should be asking all these questions of the company, not here when none of us know the conditions of the contract.


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    Default Try and find hook ups.

    As far as I can recall, if the RV is 'winterized' on pick up and you request it to be switched to fully operational there may be a charge and you become fully responsible for any damage to the pipes and pump etc. If you do some research and find RV parks with full hook ups it will be a great advantage. If it's 'around' freezing you should be OK, but if it drops below freezing you should keep the city water disconnected and your furnace on. (This is why it's good to have electric hook up in the cold) The furnace will kick in and out through the night and likely won't give you a lot of peace unless you are heavy sleepers. If you go to the toilet and flush you could also run the taps briefly as water with movement won't freeze so easily. If it's extremely cold open the cupboards below the sinks for the night (where the outlets are) so some of that warm air from the furnace reaches in. We have camped in some extreme cold (-7C a few weeks ago) and been OK with these methods. That doesn't mean I'm saying it's going to be OK for you to do the same, it's your call and you also need to check for 'Wind chill' factors as a freezing cold wind will affect things different from a cold, still night. We had this in Denver where it reached -15C overnight, our pipes froze but luckily for us no damage occurred as we thawed them slowly. As has been said, check the details with the company before departing so you know the facts.

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