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  1. Default Los Angeles to Tulsa, OK in Mid-Late October

    Hello, everyone!

    I was looking at possible advice on a trip from Los Angeles to Tulsa, OK in mid-late October (possibly the 17th through 21st).

    A buddy and I are making a quick trip; quick because neither can afford to take more than a week off work and flying isn't an option. We have to be in the Tulsa area on the 19 -- just for a single day -- and thought it would take us 2 days to get there and 2 days to come back if we only stop for food, restroom breaks, and somewhere to rest at night. Google Maps is suggest three routes:

    1) I-10 to the I-40.
    2) I-40 all the way through.
    3) I-40 to the US-54.

    One of us -- okay, it's me -- is a very anxious driver (aftermath of a bad car accident) and since we're splitting driving duties, we were wondering which route(s) would be best taking the anxiety (and some possible motion sickness) into consideration. We want to avoid as much craziness (winding roads, mountains, etc.) as possible. The traffic isn't so much an issue for us since we're used to sitting in it on a regular basis. We're not so much into the side trips -- we just want to get point A to point B and back to point A as safely as possible. Also, any tips on what to expect during that time of year, weather-wise?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You could really do with an extra day for this trip as travelling over 700 miles a day is exhausting and becomes unsafe due to fatigue. This is more important with an anxious driver as tiredness will come much sooner. As I am unsure as to what exactly you mean when you say "find somewhere to rest at night" I will also point out that you need a proper nights rest in a comfortable bed, not a rest area trying to sleep in a car that you have already been cooped up in all day. You need a Motel room. You don't say why you are going to Tulsa, but if you can't find an extra day then you need to split your time into 2.5 days travel in each direction and 2 x half days in Tulsa, arriving and departing around lunchtime. I-40 is the most direct route and the one I would take. Do not take any notice of Google maps time estimates they are not realistic in 'real world' driving as the computer does not allow for rest, food, toilet breaks or time to fill with fuel. The computer does not understand other real world inconveniences such as congestion or construction delays. Over the course of a full day on the road, including appropriate short breaks etc you can expect to average around 57mph or 550 - 600 miles as 10 hours on the road.

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    To add to what was stated above...

    None of the three roads you are considering would be winding. Interstates are built to specifics, and curves are gentle. I've driven 10, 40 and 54. To me, there is another choice to think about:

    * I-10 to AZ-State "Loop 303" to I-17 up to I-40, then I-44 out of OKC.


    *I-15 to I-40 to I-44. This would put you going through Cajon Pass up to Barstow, then east. Depending on where you live in the LA area, this might be better. Just make sure you have plenty of fuel before you leave Barstow, because there isn't much fuel before Needles and Kingman.

    Also, what Dave stated above is TRUE. This is a trip that is over 1400 miles. That's not a 2-day drive. Commercial drivers are limited to 10 hours behind the wheel, and even driving 70 mph, you won't be able to drive 700 miles. Add to that a bit of anxiety, and you're setting up for a disaster. It's 2-1/2 or 3 days. Make your first overnight in Flagstaff or Winslow, AZ. Make your 2nd in Tucumcari NM. On the third day, you arrive safely in Tulsa. If you can't dedicate 6 days for the round trip driving, then you're best off flying.


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