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    I'm hauling a 6k lb travel trailer from Oakland,Ca to Huntsville, Al and planning to take the i40 route. My tow vehicle is a 2005 F150 5.4l (8,200 tow capacity). What if any advice can you provide to make this trip as stress free as possible? This is my first cross-country trip of sorts. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

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    Default Giving yourself enough time.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I think the answer to a stress free trip is simply allowing yourself enough time to do the drive safely without exhausting yourself and making sure you get a good nights sleep in a proper bed. The minimum you should allow for this trip is 4 days divided equally into (roughly) 550 mile segments. That will be a 'work like' 10 hours per day on the road with appropriate breaks and if you could allow another day (or so) it would be far more relaxed. At the start of the journey you need to treat it as a marathon and not a sprint, it's tempting to push on the first day or 2 in a multi day trip only for the fatigue to come right up and slap you in the face. The other thing is to make sure your tow vehicle is serviced and checked to be in good shape for the journey.

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    To add to what was said, I would definitely not like to tow a 550 mile day. When we towed, our *maximum* was 500 miles. Most of the time, we were driving 350 - 450 mile days. When you're pulling something behind, it takes you longer to pass someone on the freeway, longer to get parked in a rest area.

    If you're towing your comfortable bed, that's a plus.


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