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    Heading to north Dakota. I have a 97' f150 5.4 with 280,000 miles on it, she's runnin good. towing a 12' Uhaul trailer. It did make it down here from Minot with the same trailer, but now I'm heading back.
    my question is, what route has the least amount of mountains vs miles.
    I came down thru Montana and Idaho. lots of mountains and awesome views, but I don't want to push the truck that hard on the way back. Would like to stay on the interstates, but most of my best road trip memories are on 2 lane road's, so..... the mountain climbs are scketchin me out.

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    You can avoid essentially all mountains by driving an extra 200 miles or so. The problem with that really is that it basically adds another day to your trip. The most direct route would have you heading north through red rock country and crossing the Rockies on I-70. That route is right around 1550 miles and could be done in three days of steady, workmanlike driving.

    The 'no mountain' route would instead be around 1775 miles and would require at least a substantial portion of a fourth day. It would have you leaving Phoenix to the south(!) on I-10 east through Tucson to Deming NM and using NM-26 to cut up to I-25 north and taking that all the way to Cheyenne WY. You'll have lovely views of the mountains off to your west, but you'll be driving on the high plains. At Cheyenne, switch over to US-85 north to Four Corners WY at which point you could use WY-585 to strike north to I-90 to avoid the Black Hills. At Spearfish, get back on US-85 north to I-94 east to Bismark and US-83 north to Minot.

    While much of the 'no mountain' route is on US highways rather than Interstates, those roads are on the flat, wide-open plains and should not put undue stress on your truck. You will, however, have to keep an eye on the weather reports, particularly for any possible high wind warnings.

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    I ended up going thru Moab then thru casper wy. via Colorado. then to Dickinson. My truck did just fine. Not one issue, kinda proud of the old girl. went over 280,000 miles. thx for the reply AZbuck.

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