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    Default Trip Expenses.

    This is from the field report filed by Keith in December, 2018.

    The trip report and some gorgeous photos begins here...My wife Margaret and I flew out of Brisbane, Australia on a direct flight to LA.

    How much did it all cost? Margaret kept records on everything. Would even ask if i had eaten an ice cream that day when she wasn't watching. I will put it all in US dollars.

    Large class rental car. (Camry) $ US 1311. That included every insurance needed including battery, key. Covered under car, windshield. Everything.

    Gas. (Petrol)(Fuel)(Benzine) $ US 492. ( Round figures.)

    Accommodation. $ US 3925.
    More expensive than normal because so many tourists. Could have stayed at more Ma & Pa motels which are cheaper. We always left $2 on the bed each morning.

    $ US 1150
    We didn't eat at restaurants much. Lots of the accommodation had free breakfast. We bought fruit and ate fast food at places like Subway and the $1 & $2 burgers at Macca's. We tipped 20% at any table service restaurant.

    Incidentals. $ US 376
    GPS (Old one didnt go anymore. ) Margaret's notes say "Waste of money as Keith ignored it
    and got lost a few times." Also a few toys for grandson. (Coey insisted.)

    Parks. $ US 80
    Yearly National Pass. (Bought in first park Grand Canyon. Didn't see anywhere to get one at Death Valley.)
    $ US 20 Cost of parking in town at Zion.
    $ US 19 Entry into Mamorth building at Hot Springs.
    $ US 5 Entry into Mt Rushmore.
    $ US 37 Entry into Buffalo Bill Cody Museum in Cody.
    $ US 18 Entry into Bodie Ghost Town.

    TOTAL $ US 7434 Think i got it all. The boss not here to ask.

    For any one from Australia. Add Air Fare and Travel Insurance. Our travel insurance jumped up a bit this time because i got old. :-(

    Air Fares. $ US 1705 Brisbane to Los Angeles return.
    Travel Insurance. $ US 565
    ESTA Visa. $ US 20

    TOTAL Cost for us from Brisbane to Los Angeles return, all costs included.

    $ US 9724 Or $ AU 13451.21

    Margaret, and i had a fantastic time even though we struggled with the crowds of tourists. Maybe late August wasn't a good time to travel there. Would love to have got further across but not this time. Couldn't be away any longer. We loved returning to some places we had been before but a few of them were just to crowded to enjoy. Two new states this visit and enjoyed both of them. Colorado and South Dakota. Motel prices were up this time due to so many tourists. Highlights were Badlands and Wall Drug Store in South Dakota. Silverton Co. Death Valley. Stayed one night on a ranch in Montana. and have to mention the best steak Margaret and i have ever had at Mark and Megan's. Thanks guys. We found California a fair bit more expensive than the other states apparently due to higher taxes. Gas was up to 1 dollar a gallon dearer than the other states we were in.

    I cant not mention Coey. Our grandson Coen who would loved to have come with us couldn't so he sent the little blue monkey. We had fun taking pics of him and sending them back to Coen. Other people thought it was a great idea and borrowed him for there own pics. He did behave himself.

    Hope you all enjoyed travelling with us.

    That's it folks until next time.

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