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    Radical Greetings

    My parents and I discuss the possible routes when we go to Los Angeles at the tail end of September this year. Ideally I want to know how long it would take in this trip as seen below: This would be all road trip by land or you can suggest by plane if necessary.

    1st option: Los Angeles - San Diego - Los Angeles - Utah (Zion, Bryce Canyon, etal), Colorado all the way to Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Salt Lake and then back to LA. Then from LA, we tour on Pacific (Hearst Castle, Napa Valley, San Francisco, Oregon, Idaho, Seattle) and end in Vancouver in Canada. (2nd option is to plane from LA/San Francisco to Idaho instead of by land). (how many weeks)?

    2nd option: Los Angeles - San Diego, Los Angeles - Utah - Los Angeles - San Francisco (via the Big Sur, Sta Barbara, Solvang, Moneterey, Hearst Castle) then Napa Valley to Sacramento and back to San Francisco (how many weeks?)

    I will needing a reply until Thursday so that we can now book the flight from Philippines to LA (via Philippine Airlines since it is on sale until Sunday).

    Thanks and God bless!

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    Welcome Back to the RTA Forum!

    Just as when you've ask very similar questions several times in the past, your questions is pretty much like asking "how long is a piece of string?"

    The better question is how much time do you have? Obviously your 1st option would take significantly more time than your 2nd, but how many weeks each would take depends so much on how much you want to see in each of those places and why kind of pace YOU like for YOUR trips.

    To that end, did you ever end up taking any of the trips you previously asked about, like this one? Much of that advise still applies, but if you actually took that trip, and share with us how it went, those experiences would provide a lot of insight into what you could do with this trip, again, depending upon how much time you have.

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    Hi Brother Midwest Michael, it will me a maximum of 20 days (3 weeks to be exact).

    Thanks and God bless!

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    With 20 days, the first option isn't close to possible.

    You could certainly do something that look like your second option in that timeframe, although I don't know why you'd make a trip where you plan to return to Los Angeles twice in the middle of your trip.

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    I would look at option (2) but modify it into a "loop" trip, flying in and out of the same city, not revisiting a city. I would make the loop counter-clockwise, so you will be traveling south along the coast.

    If you use LAX as your gateway city, after LA, go to San Diego, then head toward Utah, then back to northern California, then down the coast through SF and down the coast back to LA.

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    Default A wonderful trip !

    Option 2 would work but as above, make it a loop trip. It will save any doubling back on yourselves and will likely be cheaper with flights and car rental. LA>SD>GC>Utah parks>Yosemite NP>Napa>SF and back down the coast to LA.

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