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    Hey! First post here folks! Howdy! My family and I are contemplating a driving trip in late May to Oklahoma to visit family.

    Would love some ideas of good body movement places along the way - amazing hotels (warm pools for autistic kid would be BEST!), indoor play areas (or even better yet indoor water parks!) and some super fun places to stop along the way! Not opposed to parks!

    We will have 14 month old and an autistic 9 year old. Planning to do the drive out in (4) days, stay (5) with family and then head back and see some sights on the way back. We have never been this direction driving.

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Your exact route will depend, of course, on where in "northwest Washington' you're starting from and where in "Oklahoma" you're destination is, but for much of it you'll be using the same basic roads no matter what your endpoints are. Those would be I-84 down to the Salt Lake City area, then I-80 over the Rockies to Laramie WY and using US-287 to cut down to I-25 near Fort Collins and 'finally' I-70 east out of Denver. That's really as much as we can offer advice on at this point.
    I would also say that eight days for the round trip drive might be pushing it a bit if you're headed for eastern Oklahoma with an infant and a special needs child.

    Fortunately, the main portion of your drive will be through areas with mountain and ski resorts for the most part, so places with spas or at least hot tubs should be relatively plentiful, and possibly a little less expensive in the off-season. But that brings up the next question... You haven't mentioned any budgetary restrictions, but I'm assuming there might be a few. That is also information that people need to take into account as they make suggestions for you. For example, while there are several natural and beautiful hot springs in Idaho, none of them are close enough to your route to be of use to you, so you are most likely going to have to 'settle' for warm waters at your overnight stops. Still, there are going to be many national, state and local parks where exercise and beauty, if not thermal baths, will be available.

    But again, to really be of personal help to you, we'll need to know your end points and what level of accommodations you're looking to use.


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    Seattle is where we will leave from and Stillwater OK is where we will arrive.

    We don’t need warm water - thermal spas per se. We just wonder if anyone knows of hotels with “therapy” or warmer pools. We won’t be deviating off of the path much unless we found something amazing (like a water park).

    Cost isn’t an issue really. It’s a trip we won’t make many times - just want to see and we are really into doing KID things for them to move their bodies (especially after long car rides). Does that help?

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    OK with that info we can actually start narrowing things down quite a bit. We've discussed the basic route before, but your western end (from Seattle to I-84) would follow I-90 to Holmes WA and then use I-82 through Yakima to get down to I-84. On the eastern end you'd stay on I-70 all the way to Salina KS then use I-135/I-35 south to OK-51 for the short run into Stillwater.

    As expected, to make it to Oklahoma in four days, each day is going to have to be mostly about driving and you should plan on covering just under 500 miles a day. But it also means that you can plan on staying in the same towns both going and coming. Your four overnight stops would be roughly Boise ID, Rock Springs WY, and Burlington CO.

    Now, I can't do all your room shopping for you, nor would you want me to, but I did check out Burlington CO, which is your most out-of-the-way overnight stop and you have several choices including a nice Fairfield by Marriott with indoor pool and free breakfast where rooms with two queen beds are running about $100/night. It might help as you choose lodgings that work best for you if you try to use one chain for all your stops. You could easily earn a free night's stay during your travels.

    And although I did say that your days will mostly be about driving, you will have time to stop two or three times each day for short stops to get some fresh air and exercise and free the kids from the confines of the car. I hope that's all been of some help to you in your planning.


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    Most Marriott/Hilton properties will have hot tubs in indoor pool area but best to check online or call ahead to verify working hot tub amenity. Some hotels do have in room hot tubs but have to check. Best place to check is online hotel booking tools with amenities filters.

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    We've stayed overnight in Burlington, CO, many times over the past 40 years. We learned the hard way on some of the places. If you're looking for a place with a pool or a hot tub, call ahead. Chaparral Inn used to have both, then did away with the hot tub one time between our trips. Last time through there, the pool was shut down completely, and TripAdvisor doesn't list one. Sloan Motel also had a pool but our experience there (years ago, admittedly) was such that we never stayed there again.

    We've also stayed in Goodland KS (about 20 or 30 miles from Burlington) once or twice. There too, we ran into a pool and hot tub problem. Both closed. I think the place is now another brand, or completely closed, because it was a Howard Johnson's Lodge at the time.


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