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  1. Default Va to Grand Canyon and back I-40

    I and towing a 42ft rv from VA to the Grand Canyon via I70. I want to come back I-40 what's the best way?

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    Welcome to RTA! That's quite a large rig. You are towing it?

    Several questions come up about your projected trip before I can think of answering the query about I-40. Are you planning to stop anywhere along the way? You realize of course that I-70 does not connect to the Grand Canyon nor come close, you are going to have to drop down somewhere along the way. What Rim of the Canyon are you planning to visit?

    There are only two roads that go into the Grand Canyon. On the South, AZ-64 goes through the South Rim from Cameron on the east to Williams which is directly south of the South Rim. On the North Rim, which typically does not open until May 15th, US-89A and AZ-67 to access the Rim.

    Really, we can help you more if we have more information. But you can get down to I-40 either from AZ-64 to US-89, or from AZ-64 to Williams where you pick up I-40.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm confused, you say you want to come back on I-40, so if that's the case, then the best way is to use I-40.

    But I'm guessing that's not the answer you're looking for.

    Perhaps if you give us more than one sentence, and tell us something about your trip, how long you have, where in the large state of Virginia you're starting/ending point is, what other things you're hoping to see, and what information you're looking for, we can provide more useful information to help you plan your trip.

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    I'd also like to know what you are towing this RV with. You do realize that I-70 goes up to 12000 feet in Colorado?

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    Maybe heís doing a loop?

    I-70 West, then down to Vegas, then back home via I-40?

    If so, you know about the Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70 in Colorado? I canít imagine going DOWN the long drop with a 42 foot trailer behind you unless you have a very heavy duty truck. Scared me in the minivan.

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