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  1. Default 4 day trip from NJ North or West

    The wife and I are looking for ideas for an extended wknd (4 days) trip North or West of NJ.
    We love mountains, lakes and the ocean. We used to go to upstate NY all the time when we were dating (LONG time ago :) and camped at Forked Lake. We have never been to Maine or West of Missouri.
    We will be driving in our 2019 Ram 1500 4x4 Crew Cab, so it is a very comfortable traveling vehicle.

    Thanks for ideas ahead of time.

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    Default Near and 'Romantic'

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    While I suppose you could get west of the Mississippi and back in four days, you'd be spending almost every second of that time sitting in the cab of your truck. Comfortable maybe, but hardly either outdoors or romantic. Several areas jump to mind that you could drive to in less than a full day, often a half day or less, giving you two full days to explore their natural beauty and relax with your spouse. In no particular order:

    The Poconos. This section of the Appalachians in northeastern Pennsylvania caters to honeymooners, so there are plenty of secluded inns and such to 'get away from it all' as well as several lakes and streams in state parks. Pennsylvania also has an extensive system of state forests and game lands. And there's the nearby Delaware Water Gap NRA.

    Eastern Shore of Maryland. This is a great, and still largely undiscovered, quiet and scenic area with access to both the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean, as well as two smaller quaint state capitals, Annapolis MD and Dover DE. Other highlights of the general area include islands in the Chesapeake, national seashores, wildlife refuges, and even a NASA launch site.

    Down East Maine. When I lived in Maine, I was always surprised (and thankful) that most people from the New York metro area didn't seem to realize how close this area was. You could spend your two plus days just exploring Acadia National Park, but there are also historic and lovely lighthouses, more coastline than you can shake a stick at, and off-shore islands such as Deer, Vinalhaven and Isle au Haut.

    Finger Lakes and Niagara Falls. This might be more of a 'moving feast' type trip, staying in a different place each night. Take a look at the state parks along the southern tips of the Finger Lakes such as Taughannock Falls and Watkins Glen; then those in western New York such as Letchworth and Fort Niagara; and finally along the northern tips of the lakes there's the old Erie Canal, the Women's Rights National Historic Park, and more wildlife refuges.

    So that's four areas off the top of my head that could make great 'extended weekend' trips from northern New Jersey. They don't require a lot of driving, leaving more time for being outdoors, just the two of you.


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