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  1. Default Travel from Startford, Ontario Canada to Daytona Beach, FL-Fastest way possible

    Hi Forum; some of you might recognize the tag line on this post being almost the same as the one I placed a week ago for San Francisco to Daytona. It is not a duplicate nor a prank. It is a friend of mine who needs to visit the same vet in Daytona Beach as the one I will visit next month for my pet.

    This vet is the only in the country that specializes in dentistry for rodents and we both have the same kind of problem to be addressed by the same vet. Except, my friend lives in Stratford, Ontario (very close to Niagara Falls crossing border).

    So, since you all helped me immensely with my trip, I was hoping you can advise as to the safest and fastest route from Stratford to Daytona Beach. Same conditions: no sightseeing or tourism will be involved, only wham-bam tactical trip to get from poit-A to point-B safest and fastest.

    Any suggestions!


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    Default Fastest =/= Safest

    Let's start with what should be obvious. When people ask "What is the fastest route possible?" and follow up with statements such as "no sightseeing or tourism will be involved, only wham-bam tactical trip to get from poit-A to point-B", the occasional use of the word 'safe' does not really fit. The safest, most efficient route would be the most direct all-Interstate route and that is simply to get on ON-402 at your earliest convenience and take that to Sarnia and cross into the United States. Then it's I-94 to Detroit and use I-96 to connect with I-75 all the way down to I-10 east to Lake City FL. Note that I-75 will duplex with I-40 for a while around Knoxville TN. Finally, simply take I-10 east to I-95 south and Daytona Beach.

    In order to make this trip safely, your friend will need to allocate three full days to each drive, down and back, with overnight stops at (roughly) Cincinnati OH and, Atlanta GA. Making overnight stops near larger cities will give you a better chance of finding a rodent-friendly(?) motel, but just be sure to stop on the far side of each city so that you're not fighting morning commuter traffic when you set out on the next morning's drive.


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    Thank you AZBuck for the sanity check, always good to make sure there are no loose cannons on the road, eh?

    Of course what I meant with wham-bam point-A to B was, this trip is not a pleasure ride. Just the facts, ma'm! My friend needs to go to Florida for medical reasons, as I am doing the same trip on the same time frame from San Francisco, and yes the word "safe" fits if one follows the basic rules related to sanity, health, sleeping and sufficient stops along the way to clear the muscles and the mind.

    Thank you for the stops suggestions, that was one of the kind of info I was seeking: where to stop or what routes to avoid due to constructions, road hazards, etc.


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    For overnights, I'd suggest Florence KY, which is a suburb of Cincinnati - and Macon GA. This keeps you out of Cincy and Atlanta and will still have a good choice of hotels.

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