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    Greetings road trippers. I have a plan in my mind to fly into Houston, rent a car, and drive to Key West in about 7 days. I have a few stops in mind and can use some advice on others. My rough plan includes stops in Galveston, New Orleans and Pensacola with time for a few others on the way down. When we leave Key West we hope to spend a day or two around Disney World and maybe Epcot. We plan to continue North with stops in Savanna, Charleston, Knoxville and fly out of Nashville. We have 14 days to accomplish this approximately 2500 mile adventure. We have driven from California to Nashville and would like to continue seeing the county, thus the reason for driving back to Nashville from the east. Any input appreciated. I’m traveling with my wife and disabled adult daughter. We’re pretty mobile with a wheelchair, but no hikes on this trip.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Have you checked on how much the one-way dropoff fee is for a car rental? Have you checked on the airfares from different cities?

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    The one way rental car is a little pricey. Airfare isn’t bad using major airports. Weather along the gulf is really my only concern. It looks like it should be unless a cold snap rolls in.

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    As a Florida winter resident, I can tell you that the weather this time of year is a crapshoot. You could have 80s one afternoon but 40s with wind and rain a couple mornings later, but the odds are you’ll have nice weather.

    If it does get cold though, be sure to stop at Homosassa Springs State Park and see lots of Manatees which congregate in the warm springs when the Gulf waters cool off.

    It is possible that there will be a rocket launch during your time in Florida.

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    Thanks for the weather reminder. It’s looking more like we’ll be flying into Atlanta and driving down to New Orleans for a couple of days before we head towards Florida. I’m thinking we’ll stay 1 night in Pensacola, 3 nights in Orlando, 2 nights in Miami with a day trip to Key West before we head north for a couple of days in Palm beach, 2 days in Savannah and spend our last night in Atlanta befor flying home. Any must sees along the way?

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    I wouldn't recommend Key West as a day trip. You're looking at a minimum of 4 hours of driving each way. And that's assuming you don't have any traffic problems - hardly a guarantee when you're talking about a route that is mostly 2 lane bridges. It's a great place and scenic drive, but it's much better to plan for at least one overnight.

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    Florida is a looong State. Driving times and distances can surprise you.

    If you really want to go to Key West, you’ll have to cut something short or out. With three days you could drive from Orlando to perhaps Marathon, day trip to Key West, then to Miami or whatever.

    Do you want to explore the Florida Keys or are you only interested in Key West itself? If the latter, a day trip is possible by taking a ferry from either Fort Myers or Marco Island. It’s 4 hours each way so you’d better love the water! You’ll spend several hours on the island or you can return another day. You’ll need to arrange lodging ahead of time.

    I have no personal experience with this trip. Maybe others can comment.

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