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    I'm going to completely disagree with GLC's recommendation about going US-395 to I-15 to I-215 out to the I-10, for one major reason, Construction. In my previous post, I mentioned that there is construction on the Cajon Pass grade going in both directions. They have been closing 2-3 lanes (of 6) which causes major congestion. You *could* stay on CA-58 and take that to Barstow, take I-15 south to I-40, then at exit 144 in Needles, head south on US-95 to Blythe where you pick up I-10 east. Then use AZ-85 as described by both me and GLC, from I-10 to I-8 and pick up I-10 again at Casa Grande.

    Believe me, I will do almost anything to avoid the Cajon Pass area right now. Maybe they've finished it, but as of 3 weeks ago, friends who headed to Vegas said they got stuck in that area in major traffic, at 10 at night! Construction!


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    take I-15 south to I-40
    No, I-15 *north* for about 4 miles. However, I-40 is completely closed with detours at Fenner from 1230 to 1700 daily till sometime in April for emergency repairs, this will cause delays. The Caltrans site does not show any construction along I-15 except for a couple weigh station ramp closures. It's afternoon rush hour as I write this and Google is not showing any delays over Cajon Pass in either direction, but there are approximately 30 minute traffic delays along CA-210 and I-10 east of I-215. Even with the delays, right now Google is showing the I-15 route faster than the I-40 route.

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