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    Default New Orleans and beyond!

    Hi all,

    I have had some great recommendations and knowledge from this site in the past and hoping the same this time around!

    My wife and I are traveling from London to Nola for the last 2 weeks in June and we want to do some exploring whilst we are there. We are thinking of following the coast to Savannah; if we have 2 / 3 nights in Nola, then 3 nights to travel to Savannah, 2 nights there, 3 nights traveling back with our last two nights back in Nola before we flight home.

    Does the above seem feasible with the mileage involved? If so any recommendations for "must see" stop overs there and back?

    We are both in our forties, foodies, enjoy the American Bar scene and are more inclined to smaller towns than cities, this will be our first visit to the Deep South and Cajun country so would like to take in as much as possible!

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Coastal South

    Well first off, New Orleans to Savannah, and vice versa, is a very easy two-day drive, actually more like a day-and-a-half, so you'll have plenty of time for sight-seeing on those two legs. I would suggest that you go by one route eastbound (probably along the coast so the Gulf is on your side of the road) and another way westbound (such as inland through some of the rural and small town South).

    As for "must see" attractions, it's one of the working rules here that there are no such generic things, only what you want to see more than something else. Since I'm happy with ham and eggs three times a day, and don't drink (a lot), I'm not going to be much help on the foodie/bar scene. But for real Cajun country, you should head down LA-23 into the Mississippi Delta. Gulf Islands National Seashore preserves some relatively pristine coast in multiple separated locations, some of them offshore islands. St. Augustine FL is one of the oldest European settlements in America. Cumberland Island National Seashore is another unspoiled bit of coast on the Atlantic. And for the return trip, consider just staying on smaller US and state highways and avoiding the cities. You'll find nothing like your 'B' roads here, and having driven them, I'd say that's a definite plus.


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