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    Good Afternoon, Everyone.

    I am currently planning a road trip from Edenton, NC to Las Vegas, NV. My 4 year old son is going to visit his father for a bit and I would like to make our last few days a complete adventure. I contemplated flying but ultimately decided that taking the time to drive and explore would be much more fun and afford us many additional memories.

    I am not one to push long travels without taking time to explore and be silly. I am hoping to stop every 4/5 hours to stretch our legs, have a snack and do SOMETHING. As I used to live in AZ, I am very familiar with I-40 but back then, I didn't have children and would push through with minimal stoppage. This is completely new territory, now. If you've traveled with pre-schoolers (Or hey, even if you haven't), what are/were your favorite places to explore along I-40?

    I look forward to hearing back from you all. Thank you in advance!

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    Default We've Listed Several

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    We have compiled a list of stops along major Interstates, and that would make a good first place to look. As we note there, such lists are not exhaustive, there are many more small parks and nature preserves (perfect for an active, adventurous four-year-old) than those. Also, those stops were predicated on being two to three hours apart rather than four to five. Having traveled with my grandsons when they were younger, I'd strongly suggest that you plan to stop more frequently than once or twice a day. Also, bring a small cooler and plan to have picnic lunches at your outdoor stops rather than wasting time and money at restaurants where your son would have to be on his best (or at least good) behavior.


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    Yes! We are leaving on the 13th and I went out this afternoon to stock up on dry snacks. The day before we leave I shall prepare supplies for sandwhiches, meat/cheese snacks, fruits and vegetables. I want to make sure that he is fed and instead of having to stop at restaurants, we can hit somewhere more fun!

    I appreciate the list. Every four hours was my "guesstimate" but I am absolutely fine with stopping more frequently should he need to. My goal is to make the adventure fun, not something he will be miserable throughout. 2,500 miles is a long drive for an adult, much less a small, energetic ball of a boy.

    Thank you SO much!

  4. Default ghost towns near Las Vegas

    When my kids were small they loved to explore ghost towns - it always made for a good stop on a trip.
    I only know of ones that are west of Las Vegas (like Rhyolite), but perhaps see if you can find any east of LV?
    Have fun!

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    How many days are you allowing for the drive? It's going to take you at least 5 days with no significant sightseeing detours. If you have more time, you could look at spending a day at the Grand Canyon.

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