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  1. Default Any Ideas on Where to Hire a Driver to Drive Me Across Country?

    Due to a medical condition, I am unable to drive. I need to move from NW Florida to Oregon. Are there any companies that provide this service (where the person doing the hiring is in the Uhaul, too)? I have no idea where to look. All I can find are companies that do it for you without you in the truck. I have 3 cats, so we can't take a train nor fly. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    The first place I would start is with family and friends. Is there any trustworthy people that might be interested in helping you out, among those folks?


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    Your stuff is loaded in a Uhaul then you want to find someone to drive you, 3 cats, and the Uhaul from Fla to Or? That's quite the challenge.

    My first thought was hiring a college student but that might have age issues with UHaul rental.

    The next issue is spending ALL that time in the truck cab with you and your 3 cats. That's not normal truck driving nor normal taxi work. That's the kind of stuff that relatives do. Or really, really good friends.

    Or someone that is also moving the same direction and needs the ride as well.

    Perhaps there is a military base nearby and some soldier, sailor, or airman has orders to go thataway and could be hired to drive???

    Tough problem.

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    maybe better ask some friends to drive?

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    Default A Shot in the Dark

    There are firms that advertise for and find drivers to move people's cars. I don't know that they would perform the same service for a U-haul complete with 'stuff', a passenger and three cats, but my not knowing is no reason to assume that they won't. It's at least worth a few calls to see what their various policies are. If you do a web search for "list of driveaway companies", you should come up with at least a few such companies and their phone numbers.

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