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    Hi. Driving to NY from Las Vegas next week. Want a safe route to avoid bad weather. Would like to complete in 5 days with 4 overnights. Considering stopping in Durango, Dodge City, St. Louis, Charleston. Is this doable? Better routing? I'm the sole driver. Thanks.

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    Is there a reason you routed through Durango and Dodge City? Also, at 2500 miles,this is a 5-day drive (as you have indicated), but those days on the two-lanes are going to be long days. Another thing to think about is that the interstates get better attention from highway maintenance folks than the two-lanes. They're the first to be sanded/salted, plowed, the last to be shut down and the first to be reopened -- thank our interstate commerce for that!

    If this were my trip, and depending on the departure date, I'd be looking at dropping down to I-40 using US-93, then taking I-40 to I-44 to I-70 and then from there, it's all determined by "where in NY" (as it's a big state). It doesn't change your mileage by much (I used NYC as a destination) but your travel time may be lower because it's mostly interstate.

    Someone else may have another suggestion, depending on the weather situation. It pays to have several routes in mind in case you have to divert to avoid bad weather on the fly. It also pays to have an extra day for your travel, so you can sit tight in a motel for a little bit, if needed.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Every route you could take has the chance of seeing bad weather at this time of year, so there isn't a route we can tell you that's going to "avoid bad weather." The only way you can know that is to look at the forecast just before you leave, and again as you are on the road, and adjust appropriately.

    I will say the route you've chosen is not really a good one. It appear you're planning to stick to 2-lane highways, especially across the mountainous west. That creates two problems, one, it's a much slower route, and doesn't really match with your goal of completing this trip in 5 or 6 days - it includes a day that's nearly 600 miles driving through the heart of the rockies on 2 lane roads which is really too much for a single day. It also is much more likely to cause delays, as such roads are a lower priority when winter weather hits which would be another problem, especially with your goal of doing this trip in 5 days.

    Your better bet, would be to stick to the Interstates, which would generally mean either taking I-15/I-70 or down to I-40 to I-44 to I-70 across the west. You'd have more options as you get farther east, For example, if you go via Denver, you could take I-70 across Kansas or I-80 across Nebraska, again decisions that could be made in large part based on weather forecasts.

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    Before we can get more detailed, please tell us exactly where in "NY" you are going.

    No matter where, I would agree with US-93 to I-40. Where you get off I-40 and go from there depends on your answer, and I would highly recommend you stick to the Interstates especially considering it's winter and your time constraints. With only 5 days, this can't be a leisurely sightseeing trip.

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