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    Hello all! Im moving from Miami Fl to Seattle, planning to start the road trip March 1, 2019. The reason why I have to make a road trip is because my American Bulldog is not allowed to fly. I will be travelling with my brother, and we are planning on renting an SUV. I want to avoid snow and the mountains as we dont have experience driving in the winter or with these conditions. We want the trip to be about 4-5 days. Is this doable?? Ill appreciate the help/tips!! Thanks!!

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    Default No!

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sorry, but no, it is not possible to safely drive from Miami to Seattle in just 4-5 days. This is a 3300 mile trip and you need a minimum of a full week, 7 days, just to cover the miles. That is the bare minimum, going the most direct route in good conditions with minimal stops, and yes, even with multiple drivers.

    It also isn't possible to avoid the chance of snow when making this trip in March - which is essentially the longest one-way trip you can make across the US, excluding Alaska. Even if you were to take I-10 across the southern US, then head up the west coast, you'd still have the chance of snow or ice across West Texas and New Mexico and then again as you go through the Mountains of Northern California and Oregon. Going that route would also increase your travel distance to nearly 4,000 miles, and that would require 8-9 full days on the road to safely cover the miles.

    While you can't make this drive in 4-5 days nor can you make it without the chance of snow or going over mountains, if you have time, both to cover the miles and time to wait out winter weather, should you encounter it, you certainly could do this trip in a car, but only if you significantly change your expectations, especially in terms of how much time you need.

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    I will talk to my brother and see if we could make it 6-7 days. Which route would you recommend since we dont have experience driving in snow or through the mountains. Thanks so much for your help!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    I'm chiming in here to agree with MWMichael and add further information. Generally, it's recommended to drive 500-550 miles per day, especially when driving in winter months (when daylight hours are shorter) and with a pet who is going to need to get out of the vehicle as often as you do, for facilities. At 3300 miles, this means 6-6/1/2 days, PLUS any time you need to wait out a storm. Perhaps you will be fortunate and have clear sailing all the way.

    When planning this type of adventure, bear in mind that the interstate highways are going to be the first to be maintained in any sort of weather. They will be plowed, sanded, from the get-go, and frankly, the northern states are more prepared for this than the southern route that Michael mentioned (I-10). They can and will be shut down for weather if they can't be maintained fast enough, and you'd be best off pulling over early and finding a motel room to hole-up in and wait it out.

    Google Maps may offer you a choice of I-80 or I-90 at one point. You're often better off on I-90 because it's at lower elevation and usually has less wind. However, that's best decided when you get close to Omaha and can make that choice dependent on the weather forecasts.


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    Most direct route via Interstates is I-75 to I-24 to I-57 to I-64 to I-70 to I-29 to I-90. Take bypasses around Atlanta and KC.

    Taking I-10 to I-5 will add 500+ miles to the trip, which is at least a full day extra. it also takes you through LA traffic, which makes Miami look like a piece of cake.

    You need to plan on at least 6 to 7 days, with more available in case of adverse weather. If you can't do this, find an alternate means of relocating your dog and fly.

    Why can't your dog fly in cargo?

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    Regarding Atlanta

    Since there will be two in your vehicle, you qualify for the HOV lane through downtown Atlanta. You could be moving at 60mph while the traffic in other lanes is crawling.

    Use an app such as WASE to see where there might be accidents or construction and decide if the bypass is worth it.

    My wife and I usually go right through downtown Atlanta.

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    Can someone provide me with a sample itinerary please? 😀

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    Default Not Really, No

    You still haven't told us how many days you can make available for this trip. Until we know that, and any interests you and your brother have, we simply can't make up any meaningful itinerary for you. More specifically, we can't give you any route where you "don't have [to] experience driving in snow or through the mountains" because we simply don't know the weather for next March and more importantly you won't have a reliable idea of the weather in the Rockies even as you set out from Miami.

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    A best case, everything including the weather is perfect, itinerary would look involve overnights in:
    Perry, GA
    Marion, IL
    Council Bluffs, IA
    Rapid City, SD
    Deer Lodge, MT

    That's 6 consecutive days of all-day, as far as you can safely go, in perfect weather, not stopping for anything but gas/food/rest driving.

    As Buck just posted, and others have indicated previously even a little bit of snow would mean you'd need to shorten up those drives and potentially look to reroute - all of which which require you to need at least a 7th day and a different set of overnight stops.

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