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    I will be moving from Sacramento to El Paso in March. I will be driving my Subaru Outback packed with all my stuff and will also have my cat with me so I am researching how to do the drive as quickly and painlessly as possible over two days

    I am wondering if the following route is reasonable: Drive I-5 south to San Fernando and then, to bypass Los Angeles, take I-210 to I-10 east. On I-10 it looks like there isnít much between Palm Springs and Phoenix so I was thinking of cutting south to I-8 and overnight in Yuma where there are cat friendly accommodations and I could bypass Phoenix the next morning. The next day take I-8 east to I-10 to El Paso.

    Does this route seem feasible or is there a better way?

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    Welcome to RTA!

    You are looking at a 1200 mile drive, which is really pushing it as far as trying to do this in 2 days. Taking any kind of detour off the fastest route just makes this worse.

    This is what I'd do - take either I-5 or CA-99 south, but cut over to CA-99 before Bakersfield, CA-46 is a good option. Take CA-58 east out of Bakersfield, then US-395 south to I-215 to CA-210 to I-10. This avoids the majority of LA traffic. To avoid Phoenix, take AZ-85 south to I-8 back to I-10.

    The halfway point is Blythe. There are pet-friendly options there, Motel 6 is universally pet-friendly with no surcharge, Blythe has 2 of them. Google comes up with 21 hotels in Blythe, most of which have very reasonable rates.

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    Thank you for the input. I realise that Blythe is the halfway point between Sacramento and El Paso but I read on another forum that Blythe has a high crime rate due to a lot of transients in the area. I'm going to have all my belongings packed in my car and need somewhere safe and secure to park at night. I was considering Yuma as there are AirBnBs with more secure parking options.

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    Anytime anyone says XXXX city or XXXX state is unsafe, you need to take it with an extreme grain of salt. Most everywhere has good places and bad places, and when someone tries to paint with such a broad brush, it's almost never based in facts.

    Case in point, the crime rate in Yuma, particularly property crime, is actually higher than Blythe!

    That's not to say that Yuma needs to be avoided either, but Yuma actually a fairly significant detour that makes that first day really quite a bit farther than we'd recommend. You're looking at about 670 miles, and nearly 100 of those miles are on 2 lane roads and through towns, getting from I-10 to I-8. When all is said and done, I'd expect that drive to take you at least 13 hours, which is more than professional drivers are allowed, and frankly quite a bit more than is likely to be comfortable for your cat.

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    Default Life on the Edge

    As the other two responders have pointed out, 600 miles per day by the most direct, all-Interstate route is already pushing the limits of what is safe and reasonable to accomplish under the best of conditions. You don't have "the best of conditions" to start with. Instead you have a fully loaded (Overloaded? Have you checked your owner's manual to see how much weight your car can is rated for?) car and a pet who will need attention, trying to do back-to-back 600 mile days is not recommended. If you could add even another half day to your drive, that would go a long way towards making this a far more enjoyable and very much safer drive. That extra half day could be either an earlier departure from Sacramento or a later arrival in El Paso. That alone would give you much greater flexibility in where to schedule your overnight stops.

    The other general suggestion I'd give you is to simply park your car as close to the office/front desk as you can and walk to your room. Just being in a well-lit area where people are more likely to be about will discourage any would-be thieves from targeting your car.


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    Default Agreed.

    I absolutely agree with Buck, making this trip with 2 overnight stops and either adding half a day, or even dividing it into 3 equal segments, will make it a far more comfortable journey and without arriving in El Paso totally exhausted.

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    If you take 2.5 days, you can stay in Palm Springs and Lordsburg. The Econo Lodge and Motel 6 in Lordsburg are pet-friendly, and it looks like they are old-fashioned motels with outside doors where you can park right in front of your room.

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