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    Default OUR first American road trip

    Hi all, we are after as much advice as we can get (just two travelling, me and my wife). We are going to plan a road trip in the US whilst at the same time visiting my bother who now lives in Nacogdoches.
    Can anyone advise on a trip, flying in to either Dallas or Houston travelling to las vegas via williams then back to Dallas or Houston for a flight back home. We think we should allow about 3 weeks for the complete trip, stopping with my brother at Nacogdoches for a few days before returning home.
    We want to visit he Grand Canyon during the trip plus anything else people might recommend. A guy in the uk told us hat you can get a tourist train from williams up to the canyon which includes a "train robbery" by cowboy outlaws (that sound like fun). We would like to take in as many sites as possible whilst restricting driving to around 5 hours per day and stopping at different places for a day or two (we thought that a maximum of 2 or 3 day in Vagas would be enough. I know its all a bit vague but we are in the early planning stage, hence my post.
    We intend to travel at the end of september 2019 (around the 17th, and return to the uk no later than 4 weeks later). Advice on car hire, hotels to stop on route and the actual most scenic routes would be appreciated.
    Many thanks if anyone can be of help.
    Many thanks

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    Default Early stages.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    In this early stage of planning I would recommend you do a little research by digging around the RTA site and taking a good look at the maps. You have to remember that the US is HUGE compared to here in the UK and distances can sometimes be deceiving. For example if you combine a few days with family and 2 to 3 days in Vegas plus your actual flight days, that's a week gone. A trip to your family and then doing a loop trip to The Grand canyon, Vegas and then back via Tucson and El Paso to Dallas would be around 3000 miles. (Just as an example) Driving for an average of 5 hours a day will mean you have to do that for 10 days, add a couple at the Grand canyon and you really haven't got much time to spend a lot of time at different places "for a day or two" over 3 weeks. However it does mean you can pick and choose places that appeal to you and spend an afternoon and stop over for the night, but there are many of them (as well as many route choices) which makes it hard to offer meaningful suggestions at this early stage in the planning. Some ideas off the top of my head would include the Petrified forest, Monument valley on route to Grand canyon, Red rock country around the Sedona area, Saguaro NP, Tombstone, White sands NM, Carlsbad Caverns and so on. But they are just a few along a particular route, so do a little research and lay out a basic plan and when you are ready we can help put it together by making suggestions and offering tweaks so you can get the best from your trip.

    For car rental you should shop around although we have always been satisfied with Once you have worked out some options for overnight stops, check out the Lodging link in the green tool bar above to get an idea of costs.

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    Many thanks for the initial advice, I have already started looking around and think I may have to make it nearer 4 weeks rather than 3. Having worked out a possible itinerary I will post again for further guidance.
    Many thanks

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    Please do, any questions that come to mind just ask. You could also look at heading a bit further north into Colorado and Utah on the way to Vegas and then head to Grand canyon and back towards Dallas. Some wonderful scenery to be captured ! As I mentioned earlier, you have a lot to choose from !

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