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    That’s confused me so many times when I look at google maps and it shows me a 7 hour alternative route! Fortunately I found the ‘departure at’ feature ��

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    Hi, I am writing a full report on the trip but limited internet access means Ill post it at the end in the appropriate section. I certainly think some of the things we have done or learned may be useful to others.

    So my question now is one of selecting the right route. We are currently in Zion (amazing) and on Friday we head towards Yosemite. Is the Tioga Pass. We have a stopover booked at June Lake (to get as close to the Tioga Pass in one go with a contingency at Millers Rest if we are too tired) and I had planned a route via Moapa on I15 / 168 to Coyote Springs, up 93 to Crystal Springs then onto 375 to Warm Springs and finally 6 to Tonopah and beyond. The trouble is that now we are here, the SatNav app I am using is suggesting that we head down 15 straight into Las Vegas and out on 95 which looks close to Death Valley.

    Any advice on what is the best route?



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    Ok, with a little more WiFi I have just managed to re-read the previous posts so thanks to those who pointed me at the route I had planned. I will stick to that and ignore the SatNav, and not for the first time.



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    So the trip is over and all I have left are some fabulous memories.

    I made notes as I went and I am writing them up into something more readable and I'll publish them on to the Road Trip Field Reports section. Is that the right place as I am not actually on the road right now?

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    Hi Red.

    Good to hear back, it sounds like you had a wonderful time ! And yes, we would love to learn all about your roadtrippin' adventures in the Roadtrip field reports section.


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