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  1. Default Road Tripping from Tx to NC in December, Route suggestions?

    Hello! I am taking my family to Greenville NC over Christmas break from north Texas and I was wondering whether I should take 40 across or 20 and then go up 95?

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    The answer is going to depend on a couple key factors that you haven't told us: First, what are you looking for in a route and how much time do you have? Are you looking for the fastest way or are there things you'd like to see and do along the way. Second, where are you starting from "North Texas" could mean a while lot of things, and that would make a pretty big difference too.

    I'm guessing that you mean that you're starting from somewhere in the DFW area. If that is the case, both I-20 and I-30/I-40 are nearly identical in distance, both being just under 1,300 miles, and both needing a minimum of 2 days to safely cover the distance each way.

    With nothing else to go on, I couldn't say which might be "best" for you, but if this is a round trip, I'd certainly be looking at using one route heading east and the other heading west.

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    Default The more we know the better the aedvice.

    To add to Michael's response, you have not told us what makes up my family. If this includes young children, I would not count on being able to do 1300 miles in two days. Besides needing to stop more frequently for their needs, the 11 to 13 hours in a car is a bit much to expect from young children. (Don't take any notice of the time estimates google maps may give you. You are travelling in the REAL world, not the google cyber world.)

    The number of people who make up my family, will also affect how quickly you can make this trip. The larger the group, the longer each stop, and the slower the porogress.

    So as Michael hinted, the more information you give us - who is my family, what are their interests and what do you want to get out of this trip - the more appropriate our advice will be to your needs.


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    I am from North Texas as well. I would say I20 is better drive in winter then I40. From weather-wise I seen I20 get slippery conditions in early morning hours during wet conditions and cooler temperatures but overall it's much more interesting drive. I20 has good amount of gas and food stops along the way compare to I40 on that stretch of interstate.

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