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    Actually, if you have a smart phone, are the passenger, and don't mind using a little data, you can probably do a search on your phone's browser and come up with the information as you drive. I do it all the time! Occasionally we're in a good area for calls but a lousy area for data, so it doesn't happen, and then I'd write it down.

    I also jot down things that I'd like to annotate in my journal that evening. I've transitioned from a hand-written journal to one kept on my laptop (then printed copy later).


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    Default Discoveries olong the way

    Quote Originally Posted by NowthatIamretired View Post
    Good example was a farm near Glenville, WVa that had the name Morris and was the largest mansion I’ve seen, totally out of character with the area. Then in Glenville seeing Waco Oil and Gas company. That led me to discover Ike Morris was the founder and found a wonderful story about him and another man in the area and how they started from nothing. Totally enjoyable reading I would have never discovered on the interstate.
    I too like to find out about the things I see along the way, and learn more about them. Then when I know more, I want to go back and see/experience those places again. It is one of the reasons why I avoid the interstates whenever there is an alternative. Just like I am always noting down when alternative and scenic routes are suggested on forum, so that I too may enjoy them when I am in that area.

    Enjoying reading of your experiences.


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