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    Hello RoadTrippers!,

    I am moving to Seattle from Kansas City later this month and am planning to drive to Seattle via Yellowstone. In order to get a full reimbursement of my driving cost + any lodging cost during the trip, I will need to drive at least 350 miles every day. My question would be what are some best spots to visit/check out during the road trip? What would be the best route to cover some of the greatest sightseeing spots? I wouldn't mind driving extra if it's reasonable.

    This is similar to this post
    So I have read through some of the suggestions and got myself a Map already.

    I'm planning on leaving around Aug 17th and arrive at Seattle around Aug 23rd. I will be with my wife and we want to cover Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. We looked at routes via Denver and via South Dakota and so far it seems like we prefer the Denver route. Can somebody guide me on where to stop along the way ? is Dinosaur Monument worth it? I am currently thinking of 2 nights each at Tetons and Yellowstone.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Much of the previous discussion of a similar trip, where you've also posted, dealt with how to plan and execute a RoadTrip - specifically using physical maps vs. silicon chips - and the logistics of miles/day. I doubt that you'll get a response to your query on that other discussion, so let's try to help you here.

    Since you want to include Denver, the Grand Tetons, and Yellowstone in your itinerary, your route is essentially determined already: I-70 to Denver, I-25 to Fort Collins, US-287 to Laramie, I-80 to Rawlins, US-287/US-26 to Grand Tetons NP, US-191 into Yellowstone, US-287/MT-359 to Cardwell, and finally I-90 the rest of the way to Seattle. At just under 2,000 miles, that's four full days of driving, or six days at the more relaxed pace of 350 miles/day. You have allotted seven days, so be sure to check with your company whether they'll cover the expense of that extra day or not.

    You could easily spend all your 'extra' time (the difference between four and seven days) just visiting the three places you already plan to stop, so I'm not sure that recommending additional time sinks and detours is the best thing we can do for you. Besides, we don't really know what your interests are. So what I'd suggest is that you concentrate on making the most of your already planned major stops and just include a few smaller rest breaks along the way.



    My apologies for not answering your specific question about stopping points in my initial response. Again, your stated targets essentially dictate those as well. On Day 1, Limon CO would be your goal. You may get a bit farther, but I always take it easy the first day just to leave myself time to get organized and away. Trying to get to Denver, 600+ miles from KC, is simply out of the question. Besides, pulling up a bit short lets you enter Denver the next morning after rush hour, have a look around, enjoy a leisurely dinner, and leave after evening rush hour. Your second night's stop would be anywhere along I-25 between Longmont and Fort Collins in that case. Nights 3 and 4 would be in the Grand Tetons area, and Night 5 would be on the far side of Yellowstone, say West Yellowstone MT. That would leave you two more days to cover the 750 or so miles to Seattle. Midway would be roughly Wallace ID but you can adjust that Night 6 stop a bit either way to take advantage of any good lodging deal you find. Do NOT try to cover the entire distance from Yellowstone to Seattle in a single day's drive.
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    Hi AZBuck,

    Thanks for the quick response. So I figured that there isnt much to see from KC to Denver so I would rather power through to Denver the first day and then head on along Estes Park the next day to end it at Rawlins WY. Day 3 would be Rawlins to Tetons, reach evening and spend the night. Spend Day 4 at Tetons (Company doesnt pay for this). Day 5 Drive up to West YellowStone and enjoy YellowStone for 2 more days (Company doesnt pay for this as distance travelled too little). Day 6 head to Missoula MT or Spokane WA, spend night there. Day 7 head to Seattle.
    Now the main concern is that is this on a scenic route? If I have to detour what do you recommend? I will sacrifice a day at the national parks if the scenic route is worth it..:)

    See my Google Maps link!3e0

    I also looked at the South Dakota route and am considering it because the drive is easier to break down into 5-6 hour increments. Take a look.!3e0

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    You are correct there is nothing really in Kansas. Estes Park is great and we always like Rocky Mountain National park. There is a one way road up that is very scenic. Enjoy your travels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdburris View Post
    You are correct there is nothing really in Kansas.
    I'm sorry, but you really couldn't make a more inaccurate statement. If you think "there is nothing" in Kansas, the problem is 100% on you, not the great state of Kansas.

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