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    We are soon to be retired Australians and are planning a roadtrip from Miami to Oklahoma througout April next year. Would love to hear others advice about what we should do, see and be aware of ��
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    Default A Little More Conversation

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    In order to answer your question in a way that is useful to you, we will need to ask a few of our own. The main problem is that we can't tell you what you SHOULD "d, see, and be aware of" without knowing what you WANT to do, see, and be aware of. So, are you interested in history, scenery, music, mountains, shore, fine homes, museums, etc., etc., etc. The guiding principle here is that there simply is no generic list of 'must see' or 'best' attractions, but that RoadTrips are personal journeys and are enjoyable precisely because they can be tailored to one's individual tastes, budget and timeline.

    That also means that we would need to know how much time you have for your journey? Where exactly in Oklahoma you're headed for? Will you be returning to Miami or flying out of Oklahoma? Are there any locations or attractions that you already have your hearts set on? The more you can let us in on your travel style and interests, the better we can help you.


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    If your situation allows it you should go a little north into Missouri and visit Branson, Missouri. Top of the Rock is a beautiful place to visit. There is alot to do and see in Branson.

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    Great, thank you, so we will have about 5 weeks to do this trip. We are both very interested in culture and history as well as music. we are starting at Miami, as we will have just done back to back cruises around south america, finishing at Miami. Ideally, we were hoping to have a few nights in Cuba before we set off, but it looks as though that may be too difficult. We enjoy nature and wildlife, as it is very different than what we have in Australia. neither of us are interested in museums or fine homes, but are looking forward to the scenery.
    Thats a god starting point if anyone has any ideas for us :)

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    Nature and we have something to go on. First thing that jumps into my mind are the Everglades National Park. Flora, fauna, and swamp lands, it's amazing. Another place would be Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Or you could go in a different direction and check out the bayous in southern Alabama, southern Mississippi and into Louisiana.

    Do you have an atlas of the US? It might be a good idea to get one and look it over, to see what strikes you.


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    Default Good maps will help you with your planning.

    Like Donna, I was going to suggest you get yourself an atlas of the US. If you were to order a Rand McNally (there is none better!) via the link at the bottom of this page, you would have it in a couple of weeks.

    Besides the places mentioned above there is the Big Cypress preserve, the last habitat of the Florida Panther. They have guided tours from the visitor centre every day. There is also Alligator Alley [I-75] where you can stop at various places and (if you are lucky) watch alligators in the water. There is the Tamiami Trail [US-41] which is a most scenic route, and then of course you have the Florida Keys. You can drive to Key West in two hours, but if you take your time and stop to see the sites along the way....... well, I did it in two days. If you are observant you will still be able to see the damage done by hurricane Wilma along the Keys, all those years ago. I have not seen Florida since the hurricanes last year.

    There is no shortage of scenic routes in Florida. The atlas will help you identify them. You do of course have Cape Canarveral and the Kennedy Space Centre, and then there are the spectacular murals on the Arcade Building in Ft Pierce on US-1.

    As you travel therough other States you will find there are attractions everywhere. When you have an atlas you will be able to identify them and ask us all about them. I have just come home from 4 months on the road in the US. It is an amazing place for roadtripping. Unfortunately this time I did not get to FL, but Arkansas is another great state for scenery.

    You do not say which State you reside in, but if you are a member of your local automobile club (RACV,NRMA, etc.) be sure to take your membership card with you. It will give you access to tourism information and free maps from the AAA all over the States (and Canada).



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