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    Hi everyone,

    My friend and I are planning to take a road trip from Toronto to NYC in early October. I have found some ideas fromand would like to hear anyone's comment for this 3-day trip ideas:

    Day 1: Toronto to Niagara Falls (Canada side) by Bus
    Staying around Niagara Falls, Canada side

    Day 2: Crossing the border to New York - Renting car
    Destination: Chimney Bluffs, Robert H Treman State Park, Kaaterskiil Falls
    Staying around Kaaterskill Falls

    Day 3: Continue to NYC
    Destination: Peekamoose Blue Hole, Pollepel Island, NYC
    Staying in NYC - Return rental car in NYC

    My questions:
    - I have been reading information that renting car in Toronto and return it in NYC will be very expensive for the return service. That's why I would prefer to go to Niagara by bus. But from Niagara to New York, I still have no idea on what kind of transportation we would like to use to cross the borderline. It would be great if some one can share his experience on this.

    - This time, we are not traveling light. Our luggage will be quite big, is this possible for traveling with bus?

    - Anyone has suggestions where to stay around Niagara the Canada side?

    Thank you in advance!

    Aziz from Indonesia

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I can't say what sort of luggage restrictions you'll have on the bus itself (the company should make their policy clear before you purchase your ticket), but I'd guess that your best option would be to take the bus to Niagara Falls, then take a taxi, Uber, or Lyft to your hotel so you can drop off your luggage, then again take a taxi/Uber/Lyft across the border to pick up your rental car.

    I'd say the other option would be to take the bus all the way to Buffalo, pick up your car, and then backtrack to Niagara Falls. You could drive back and forth across the border, or you could park on the NY side and walk across the Rainbow Bridge which is just down river from the falls (and provides some nice views in its own right.

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    Thank you fot your reply Michael! That’s very helpful.

    Do you have any input on my itinerary plan?

    Good day!

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    Default Two Topics

    I was a bit surprised that the one-way rental on a car between Niagara Falls and NYC was only about $220(US). vs. a minimum of about $570 for picking it up in Toronto and having it for an extra day. I tend to agree with Michael that bussing to the Canadian side of the falls, walking across one of the bridges, picking up your rental on the American side, then driving back to pick up all your gear is the way to go. There's an Enterprise franchise that's off-airport (saving a bit) about 6 miles from the Rainbow Bridge (just a shade less than the distance to the airport), so the cost of a taxi/Uber/Lyft should not be prohibitive. You will need to do some careful shopping given the number of variables involved in your car rental, including one-way, pick-up location, type of car, geographic restrictions, your age, etc., but it should be possible.

    What I'd really like to address is some of the many wonderful natural attractions that fall more or less right along the route you'll be following. First up would be Letchworth State Park near Geneseo, then Watkins Glen State Park, then since you're going to be near Ithaca for Robert H. Treman State Park I'd strongly suggest (even picking it ahead of Treman) Taughannock Falls State Park where the falls, although not as spectacular as, are higher than, Niagara and the roughly mile-long back into them is a delight. All of those would fit in with a 'Waterfall RoadTrip' and one last one, Kaaterskill Falls before you finish up in NYC.


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    Thank you very much AZBuck. This is truly helpful.

    I will google further all your suggestion above.


    - - - Updated - - -

    Thank you very much AZBuck. This is truly helpful.

    I will google further all your suggestion above.


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    I agree with Michael about taking the bus to Buffalo. It will coat less and having a car at Niagara Falls will make that part of the trip more enjoyable.

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