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    Default Breaking News: Cerro Gordo sold!

    "...In Cerro Gordo, a town nestled in the Inyo Mountains of California, near Death Valley, there’s a single saloon with swinging doors, two out-of-tune pianos and a mysterious bloodstain on the wall beneath three bullet holes....From a balcony in the hotel, Mr. Underwood said, Mount Whitney is visible. On the other side of town, Death Valley National Park is within view."... A couple of folks have purchased the ghost town of Cerro Gordo. It will be interesting to see what they do with it! Read more.

    --Tip of the cap to Dan Sedenquist for sharing this

  2. Default Photos from my trip last Fall

    I think the building behind the truck is the museum --Did you notice the "ghost" in the front seat of the truck? The legend is that there was one murder each week during the height of the mining activity.
    (Photo by Dan Sedenquist)

    This is the view looking west towards the Sierra Nevada Mountains. That stone column is one of the old smelter chimneys to the right of the road.
    (Photo by Dan Sedenquist)

    Some of the old mining equipment.
    (Photo by Dan Sedenquist)
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    Wow! I just learned about this place a month ago and I kept seeing stories about it. Apparently the previous owner has a good knack for sales!

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    Default Nice to hear from you

    Howdy Tim,

    Been a long time since we've heard from you. How goes the business?


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